Dear former employer...

A hearty FUCK OFF for refusing to add a sabbatical pay out to the severance package of one of the good hard working folks that you decided to lay off last month. She was 3 FUCKING DAYS away from being eligible for it, and I know that others in a similar situation were given an extra week of official employment to push them over the hump.

Screw you with the business end of a croquet mallet.

What’s a sabbatical pay out? I need to know what that is before I can share in your righteous indignation. Since this is the pit…fuck my ignorance!!!


One of the benefits that was grandfathered in for older employees was an 8 week paid sabbatical. In the old days it had to be used as time off or you got nothing. Then they agreed to pay it out to you if you would rather not take the time off. It was a reward for being loyal to the company for 7 years. Her last day was 3 days away from her 7 year anniversary, when he became eligible for this benefit.

That’s one of the few stunts for wich unethical employers here in Korea actually do get slammed by the Labor Board. The Board freaks out if the employer tries to do that even up to a month before.

She was laid off and not extended a favor that was extended to others, is that it? Meh. I can’t really get upset at a company for not doing an employee a favor-- ultimately, she was ineligible for the benefit. It’s not like they denied her something she was entitled to.

Of course, the timing makes me wonder if it was deliberate.

Yeah, this time three days, next time how many days? If favors were extended in the past, they were confidential and no one should know about them anyway. Though it looks like you might be in HR and couldn’t help knowing?

Did you accept the severance package as offered, or did you try to negotiate it? Obviously I have no knowlege of your particular circumstance, and IANAL, YMMV, etc.

However [warning: Anecdote, does not = data], when my job was eliminated a couple of years ago, I contacted a lawyer before signing the severance agreement. He was able to get me a substantially better deal, worth many times over what I paid him.

This isn’t about me. I left the company back in March, and took my sabbatical time off last summer. I’m not in HR. She was laid off with half of the rest of company last month, and yes, I do believe that she is entitled to a benefit that she’d been building toward for 7 years and she was 3 days away from vesting into, hence the pitting. A month’s worth of leeway seems appropriate, imho.

I’ll always remember an incident that took place in the late 70’s (I think). A K-Mart employee took it upon himself to paint a dirty old battery in their auto service department and was fired for defacing company property. Co-incidentally the employee was only months away from retirement. Even in a right-to-work state the jury awarded him $250,000.

I think it truly sucks to have missed it so closely. But, at some point, a line needs to be drawn as a matter of policy. If it’s one month leeway, what about the lady who is fired 3 days before the one month before she becomes vested?

Hey, I know people who worked for US West, which then became Qwest. Including one guy who worked there his entire career–33 years.

Employees who had 35 years automatically got their retirement benefit when they got laid off.

Employees who worked there 25+ years also automatically got their retirement benefit when they got laid off, IF they would turn 55 in the six months following the layoff.

He missed THAT by two weeks.

33 years, no retirement. None whatsoever. He did get a pretty good severance package, unless you look at the part where he worked there 33 years and ended up no better than if he’d switched jobs every couple of years.

So did she consult a lawyer, or just accept the package and be sad about it?

I have a tough time with this one. Three days short and screwed, not fair but what about the rest of us that don’t even get anything other than escorted to the door? Ten years in and I got a email from HR congragulating me. Not even the mention of the possibillity of parole.

I’m not yet aware of her seeking legal council. I’ll try and find out.

That is pretty shitty of the company to do with only three days shy of the date. If they gave it to other people and she knows it and can prove it then she should fight for it.

I hit my 15 year mark in June. It was not even mentioned and I got nothing.

I have heard they are starting an employee recognition program to award people on their five year milestones but have not seen anything offical yet. If they start it this year I may get something but I am not holding my breath.

I did get a service excellent award though and won $50. I still don’t have that $50 and I won it a month ago.

I’d say the number of employers out there who reward with 8 weeks of additional paid holiday as a “sabbatical” for doing nothing other than making it 7 years are very, very, very small.

My father was working at IBM in the early 90s when IBM was buying people out right and left. Normally you had to be 30 years in (and age 55 had something to do with it). They offered a five-year credit to get people to take early retirement. Pop was at 24 years, and they gave him the five years plus one year paid sabbatical that would count toward his service. So he got to retire with full pension at 48. VERY unusual circumstances.

My wife’s employment is based on years in your job classification, not years on the job. So, she moved from level 1 to level 3 (supervisor) in the 8 years before the kids were born, then back to level 1 when the kids were born.

When layoffs came, they didn’t want to count any of her previous time at level 1, much less her time at a higher pay grade. We had to get a lawyer to get them to reconsider. They finally counted all of her level 1 time, but none of the time at higher levels. She went from 12 years experience down to 3. She barely survived the layoffs.

It got better:

Her boss was a level 6, and had been for 23 years. 6 months prior to layoffs, they consolidated the tier structure, and eliminated level 6. She was forcibly moved to level 5.

When the layoffs came, she had 6 months seniority. All of the other employees at level 5 were at 6 years+.

She retired instead of dealing with the bullshit.


Well, the electorate seems happy with right to work states and a powerless National Labor Relations Board, so what’s the problem?

ETA: Did I say powerless? I meant “tool” of the powerful.

Lotus, right?