Dear Malodorous Lackwit Who Is Drilling For Oil In My Bedroom Ceiling

Your thread title alone made me laugh non-stop for several minutes. I am glad that you’re staying.
I had upstairs neighbours who recently moved out who would stomp/chase each other around, wearing heavy boots, shouting “I’m gonna catch you! I’m gonna catch you!”, and giggling. At three in the morning. They would also move furniture at inappropriate hours.

They moved out in part because they “didn’t like living in a building where they couldn’t even walk around in their home without assholes getting upset.” :rolleyes:

We had rude epithets for them, but nothing like as clever as yours.

Thank you! Nice story.
Perhaps the Malodorous Lackwit will move out saying “I can’t stand living in a building where I can’t even build giant fart robots without assholes getting upset!” :smiley:

Well, I can see why assholes would get upset about giant fart robots. Professional jealousy an’ all.

Haha! Brilliant! If I’d been drinking when I read that my monitor would be dripping orange juice!

Well Pythian, welcome to the boards. Just promise to keep the giant farting robots at home. The hamsters have sensitive schnozzes.

We got another one! Um, I mean, welcome to the boards.

Fuck all of you!

Not really, but I wouldn’t want Pythian to get the wrong impression of the Pit.

A “Survivor” thread, huh? How did you annoy them? By writing better than anyone else?

Now don’t anybody get any bright ideas about a SDMB Survivor thread!

“I’ll take Threads That’d Be Locked Down Within The First Three Posts for $100, Alex.”

In the savage thread-eat-thread world of Pit Survivor, this thread has been voted off the island. The good news is that it’s been voted onto a nicer, more friendly island.

…Congratulations, you have spawned a monster. I just have to animate it, but here’s a sneak preview: Giant Farting Robots!

:smiley: Thank you, thank you. ::bows::

Nope. Actually it was because on that messageboard trolling is an acceptable form of entertainment, and I let myself take the bait one too many times - ended up on the wrong side of popular opinion.

Do we mortals get to know why, or am I supposed to start a whole new Pit thread if I want to know?


Your happy, happy love for Giraffe is very sweet, but why is it here?

Here in MPSIMS? Gosh, It is terribly out of place. I am ever so sorry :stuck_out_tongue:

I suspect if was for Conduct Unbecoming Of A Pit Thread. To wit:

Absolutely unacceptable down there…

Of course, now that this is in MPSIMS, we can see how well the GFR matches up with the RoboGoat!

No, here in this thread.

And I suppose this:

is just fine and dandy for MPSIMS?

Typically no. Sometimes a thread that starts off pitworthy becomes something else. In this case, it became a Habanero appreciation/welcome thread. That’s too mild for the pit so it was moved to a friendlier climate. The swears just sort of came along.

:: gives ETF the evil eye ::

Ah. Gotcha. Incidentally, it’s “Habenero” - the same spelling as Ursula Vernon’s Habenero Slug, from which I got the name.

Also, I finished Giant Farting Robots. Does it deserve its own thread? You decide, the hamsters are your fault: ::linky::