Dear Malodorous Lackwit Who Is Drilling For Oil In My Bedroom Ceiling

Oooh, scandal!! :eek:

Now you have to tell us why.

Hvae you tried talking to him? And when that doesn’t work- complaining to your landlord?

Unless, of course, the upstairs neighbor is the landlord. :eek:

One of them was because that messeageboard has a tradition of posting a poll every so often called “Survivor”. The poll consists of the names of various members who are generally considered annoying; whoever has the most votes when the poll is closed gets banned. To make a long story short, I was nominated and won.
The second was really dumb: I told a moderator he was being unfair, and he banned me for it. Kind of ironic.

No; I’m not entirely sure it really is that particular dwelling. I mean, it’s the best theory considering the noise is often loudest from my bedroom. But then again, sometimes the same exact noises appear to be coming from the stairwell. Maybe I’m just hallucinating it all, or maybe the giant fart robots are migrating.

No, definitely not.

In fact, there is no landlord. It’s a condominium building run by a council of residents. Theoretically such complaints would go to “The Office”. In practicality, I have little time and less inclination to hang around waiting for the randomly placed one hour per week in which The Office is actually open. The rest of the time they are closed, allegedly because all the people with issues coming in distract them from their work. Except that dealing with those issues (complaints, reservations for the common facilities like the party room, etc.) is their work…

In that case- record the time & date of a few such instances. Then, write it up, and send them a “letter”.


You don’t really expect to get away with dropping a line like that and not telling the story, do you? At least tell it in MPSIMS and drop us a link here.


Or I could walk out onto the first-floor roof and throw a stone at the offender’s window with a paper wrapped around it on which is written the URL of this thread. :cool: [sub]I’m too much of a wimp to do this now, but next time they wake me up at 4AM like in the ‘good old days’…::shakes fist::[/sub]

Or you could slime-trail a vulgar message on the window.

By the way, check your email. :smiley:

Err? I’m checking it. About every thirty secnds. Hmm.

And - slime-trail on his windows? Sadly, I’m oracular, not Spider-Man. Strictly a soft-slope slug. I could leave some on his balcony, though.

::smacks self in face with own antlers::
Dammit, I saw that “secnds” about half a “secnd” after I hit “submit”. What’s the point of a preview if I don’t read the thing?

That will not be a problem around here. Some people get a little bent out of shape when you correct their grammar too much, but I just figure they’re jealous.

Oh, you forgot to mention why your upstairs neighbour is “malodorous.”

OK, done and done.

:smiley: Excellent. [/evilvoice]

Malodorous in the figurative sense. Also, anyone who builds giant fart robots has got to be at least slightly pungent. :wink:

Because he’s also a toffee-nosed pervert?

Hmmm indeed. I hit “reply” to send you my answer. Maybe it’s lost in cyberspace? I’ll try resending it.

And thanks, Eve!

My fake money’s on “lost in cyberspace”, personally. By the way, want a GMail invite? I’ve got tons.

Hey, lookee there! Look under your name, you slug!


Yay! There will be more mention of giant fart robots!


Wheeee! {{hugs}} :smiley:

Giant fart robots!!! :smiley:

[sub]My, that inspires me with an idea for a Flash animation…[/sub]