Dear Malodorous Lackwit Who Is Drilling For Oil In My Bedroom Ceiling

Yep, this is right. Some threads get acrimonious and are thrown into the Pit. Some Pit threads get huggy and are thrown out of the Pit. The rules for what can and can’t be posted in a given thread are based on what forum it is in when you post, not what posts are already in the thread.

Since we’re now in MPSIMS, let me say that I’m glad you’re now a full member, Pythian Habenero. I expect you’ll be a great addition to the boards.

Thank you very much, both for the explanation and the expectation. :smiley: ::bow::

::Scott throws Pythian a sword::

Run while you still can, Pythian! You don’t want to be here when the squid gets here. See if you can lend your skill to the dungeon crawl !

It’s a kind of D& D like game.

I’ll admit I’m not good with a sword, being a prophetic slug-vegetable and all. But I’ll do my best.

Hey, now they have an excuse for when the board crashes. Great work too. :smiley:

Thank you, thank you. ::bows:: :smiley:
The truly pithy question, however, is is it great enough work to deserve a thread of its own? ::eyebrow::

In My Humble Opinion, yes. :slight_smile:

Of course, that’s another forum entirely and we don’t want this thread moved anymore. Enough hamsters have died today.

But the slime… it BURNS!! :eek:

Haha! Lovely!

And a-threading I do go… ::whistles::

Hmmmmm… I recall a thread about classic threads. I can not find it however. Anyone want to recommend some to get [del]me some cool links[/del] him started on his journey?

First; thanks for the link to that Metal & Magic website, Pythian. That’s some interesting artwork.

Second; I am your noisy upstairs neighbor (and I don’t smell!). We’re not drilling for oil (which is what the balcony is for, silly), and we’re not constructing Fart Robots. It’s the cats, I swear. They run, jump, wrestle, and knock stuff over all hours of the day and night. That break in the noise? That was when I’d finally gotten the hobbles on them. Once they figured how to pick the locks, they were right back at it. I’m considering medication next. For them. If not, then I’ll get some for me and share with you, 'kay?

Three; welcome to the boards (see how I refrained from adding a ‘Hi Opal’? Suave I is.)

Yer Non-Malodorous Neighbor,


No, you aren’t my neighbour, as I can tell the difference between cats and construction equipment. But thank you for the sentiments. And you’re welcome for the link.

Can’t think of a better one to start with than Scylla’s The Horror of Blimps.

::before clicking:: Do I want to know?

::after clicking:: :eek:!

Straight Dope Watershed Moments Thread.

(I had it bookmarked to peruse fully some day.)