Dear Mel Gibson........

…you really shouldn’t tell the mother of your child that she looks like a whore and that she is just asking to get raped by a “pack of wild niggers” as some might find these statements at odds with your self-professed Christian enlightenment.

Thank you, MPB

PS—Shoogar-tits is still cool though…

Remember when Mel Gibson was cool? The Road Warrior, Braveheart… Heck, he was even OK in Air America.

Well, he’s a Three Stooges fan, so he can’t be all bad.

Link for those who are wondering what the OP is talking about.

Gibson is nuts. I sort of defended him after the drunken Jew rant, having believed that his apology was sincere and believing that people shouldn’t be judged by what kinds of stupid things they say when they’re drunk, but this whole thing is kind of beyond the pale. Even aside from the racist remark, the tirade is filled with “bitch,” “cunt” and “whore,” and a threat to burn her house down.

This guy has an anger problem. She says that he has also been physically abusive and this tape doesn’t exactly make him look incapable of that.

In spite of everything, I still like the guy’s movies, and his willingness to go way off the reservation for concepts, but it just doesn’t appear that he’s a very nice person. I know he had an insane, abusive, asshole of a father, but there comes a time when you can’t use that as an excuse anymore.

I think even us PotC fan-boys & girls see Mel’s Christian credibility as having left the dock & sailed into Iceberg Alley a while ago. Hope he gets his crap together & gets serious with God & His wives & children.

“Drunken Jew Rant” and “Mel’s Christian Credibility” are both acceptable band names.

Seeing in the link that this is not the wife of many years that he divorced a while back, I was going to point out that this is not the mother of his kids, but then, also from the link, I saw that he and the new woman also had a child.

Then I saw that MPB in Salt Lake did use “child” singular rather than “children”.
So, anyway. I’ve learned more about Mel Gibson’s personal life and I feel richer for it.

“You look like a fucking pig in heat … .”

Clever. I have to remember that one.

Maybe they could all split a triple bill show, both warming up for headlining band Shoogar Tits…

The guy is an utter jackass (but he’s still a hell of a director).

Well, see, I think people should be judged by what kinds of stupid things they say when they’re drunk. Drinking can’t turn you into a sexist, anti-semitic, bully, it just lowers your inhibitions so your inner sexist, anti-semitic bully can come out. I’ve been drunk enough to nearly asphyxiate on my own vomit (yay, me), and I’m 100 percent certain I’ve never blamed the Jews for “all the wars in the world.”

Yeah, I agree. Alcohol is just truth serum for Mel.

What a scumbag. But boy Apocalypto was terrific!

What concepts has he left the reservation for?

That’s not snark; I’ve not followed his career. The only Gibson movies I’ve ever watched in their entirety are *Maverick *and the second *Lethal Weapon.

To be fair, that one he actually made an apology for. And not a faux-apology, either.

See my last post. :3

The things he chose to say to this woman and the mother of his female child are horrible, horrible and deserve total condemnation. Additionally, it sounds like he made an actionable threat and hope that is followed up on by law enforcement.

I’m also stunned that, in excoriating his wife by saying she a slut, a cunt and a bitch, and saying she looks like a slut, he actually had within such easy reach the concept that it would be specifically niggers that might rape her. That image/expression doesn’t just come out of nowhere, and, in addition to the previous comments about jews, etc., he deserves to be shunned in the same was Isaiah Washington for his faggot comments.

Kinda makes me wish his exwife would write a tell all book.

What a total asshole. And an idiot. And what a disgusting situation in general. I feel so, so, sad for that baby.

This is irrecoverable. Goodbye Mel.

What a sack of shit.