Dear Mississippi Tea Party: Are You Sure Inciting Treason Isn't A Crime?

I can’t quote the whole thing due to content rules here, but you should go read it, it’s really worth a look.

Guys, can we stop? Please? It’s over, you lost (twice!), give it a rest. You lost in the public arena, where you tried to use democratic means to stop mandated health care reform. You failed in the courts, who went ahead and said “Nope, this is constitutional”. What’s next? Violent rebellion?

…Oh shit, you’re serious about that.

Ugh. Fucking retards. And people ask me why I favor gun control.

You mean next the government is going to force us all to eat bananas?

In fairness, this victory has made Obama even more uppity, and SOMEONE needs to remind him of his place.

The Tea Partiers seem all about ‘We the People’, y’know, as long as they are in the majority position. Especially on issues like abortion or gay rights. Now that theirs is a minority position, and ‘We the People’ have sided against them, it’s like we’re all just traitors to the founding fathers! I don’t think they fully grasp the concept ‘We the People’.

I love how at the end (?) they began invoking God for some reason as rationale as to why they should be righteous in their treason to keep affordable healthcare out of the hands of the poor.

Yes, as we all know, Jesus was all about letting the sick and the poor suffer instead of doing something about it.

damn straight - no fishes or loaves for the masses! and they can drink the water, this wine is for the finer folk!

After all, if we share it with anyone, we’ll never have enough!

It’s only in Luke but Jesus charged a lot of money for healing the sick.

I’m not sure that’s what “charged the leper” means.


I’m starting to want our government to actually do something about all these morons who are advocating armed revolution. It is against the law and ignoring them isn’t helping anything.

The only problem I see with it is that since the Feds haven’t done it yet, if they do it after Obama is re-elected, the nutjobs will go off the deep end with “See? Dictatorship!” and it will only make the problem worse.

Which means that NOW is the time for them to take action, if they mean to do it at all.

Ran head-long at them?

It means rebuked or warned. No money changed hands.

Lepers are very sensitive, easily upset. Ask them for money, they just totally fall apart.

Left them plugged in all night.

The OP left out my favorite part:

Sounds serious!

ignore the rushing air - I hope -

The age of Man is over. The age of the LIBERAL has begun! <sneer> <snarl>

You can’t fool me. It’s a euphemism for masturbation.

Did he get to keep the tip?

Is “The Mississipi Tea Party” a significant organization, or two guys with a webpage?