Dear, Sweet, Kind, Lovable TubaDiva...

Could you please deactivate this screen name, or whatever it is you do, so that I may register anew on the SDMB? I’ve finally found my true self.
Thank You!

Let one or all of the administrators know which new name you want, and we can change your name while keeping everything else the same. Thank you for making sure that you don’t have two active usernames at the same time!


Woah, that’s cool that you can now keep all the original info original, and it’s even cooler that I got such a speedy reply. I don’t know if I was supposed to do this in an email or right here, but the name I would like to change to is
Quark W. Griswold.
(If it’s not too long, that is.)

Thanks, Lynn, Tuba, and or any other admin who looks in.)

Use email. Lynn Bodoni’s email is right there under her post, and TubaDiva’s is available from the Straight Dope main page (under the Weird Earl’s thing).

Just like that, I am reborn!!! Ahhh, life springs anew, and all that rot… and just in time for my birthday!

Thank you, Tuba Diva, and have a wonderful day.


we’re all quarks now… in the hope show…