Dear Tom Cruise, suck my sac

I know it’s been done in other threads, but a quick search offers nothing in the Pit. And I have to rant. I have a personal beef with this fuck now.

Dear Tommy,

For almost 30 years I never was able to function as well as “normal” people. I always scored way the fuck off the charts in any testing I did. Starting back in 1st grade.

The reason the additional testing was performed? Everyone was worried I was retarded. I would get basic math questions of 2+2= and answer 823. Little things like that. After extensive academic and psych screening “they” discovered it was boredom with the materials offered. “They” realized I was bored sitting in a class for 7 hours trying to learn stuff that was too simple. (I was reading Dr Seuss books on my own at age 3) How I ever learned to tie my shoes is a mystery to this day. But I digress.

Point is, I’m not slow on the uptake. It was a matter of things taking more than 20 minutes or so to explain. Give me free reign to learn it, I’ll eventually learn it. Structure the lesson? Forget it, I’ll study something else that interested me at the moment.

Fast forward to age 31. I break down and see a doc about this. Straterra is prescribed. (Oh no! A drug) :rolleyes:

Holyfuckingshit! There is a difference I will neverevereverever be able to describe! It’s a whole new world! I never knew this is what “normal” people are able to do, fell like, and function like! Now I know why kids in school that struggled endlessly with material I picked up so easily still did better than me in the long run. They were able to somehow magically retain the info and use it an hour/day/week later.

Alas, I was one of the few that suffered the sife effect of liver malfunction. The stats increased 4 fold. It was quit the drug, or be dead in a few years. I opted for the gamble, the doc refused. (See that you little fuck? The doc was looking out for my health against my wishes.)

So we head on over to Wellbutrin. It has shown the side effect of treating ADD without the stimulant that can affect mood in bipolar disorder. (Did I forget to mention I have that non-existant disease as well?) Doesn’t matter. It didn’t help. (Though it did drastically cut my urge to smoke, so I trust it helps to kick the habit)

Anyway, off to Ritalin. It works. I know it works. I was started on a low dose (5mg twice a day). It fucking worked you pompous douchebag. However I wanted a more consistant level of…uh…prepare yourself…MEDICINE!

So it’s off to Concerta. (This is fucking me up, but I think it’s the method of release. Seperate rant if I get to it) Next is Dexidrine and back to Ritalin for different dosing if that doesn’t work. Either way, I KNOW it works for my brain, and I will choose it over your little collection of books and receipts from Bob’s House of Psychosis or whatever the fuck you people are calling your “church” these days.
And one final plea you self-absorbed fuckstick. PLEASE hook me up with some director that needs a person with limited attention that can pretend to be someone else for a few hours to make enough money to never have to worry about functioning in the real world.
Go ahead and ban me. I hope Tom Cruise dies a most sufferable death. Fuck you Tommy

Careful, Tom’s been known to sue people who suggest he might like to suck a sac…

**duffer ** thanks for that.

I don’t wish Tom Cruise death, just help for his fairly obvious mania.

As for “Bob’s House of Psychosis” head on over to for the inside scoop on what those crazy kids are up to at the moment.

It’s an Anti Co$ site, not a Scientology one, in case you’re wondering.

Indeed, there are those, including ex-wives and girlfriends, that would suggest he’d rather enjoy it, in fact.

I’m with you on this one duffer, but let’s face it, we’re shooting fish in a barrel here.

We’re talking about a guy who belongs to a cult started by an SF writer for shits and giggles. A guy who, you have to assume, swallows the biggest load of amateur bullshit sci-fi pop psychology known to man. Stuff made up by a fiction writer, which this silly bint accepts as fact, while slagging off treatments proven to be of benefit under controlled conditions.

Tom Cruise is a kinda charming actor, but there is no evidence he has two brain cells to rub together.

Damn straight. It pisses me off when someone belittles other people’s illness. It’s a distinct lack of respect that someone that rich and famous rarely has to answer for.

As for Scientology, they ought to be ashamed for scamming people like that, the hucksters.

As teenager of the 80’s I always lamented the fact that Tommy made IT while Matt Dillion didn’t. Probably both as clever as silly putty but Matt was prettier.

Tom seems to have gone into doofus overload though.

Good pitting, duffer, you saved me some typing.

Hey, Tommy – no one gives a bipolar fuck if you support psychotropics or not. Last time I checked you weren’t anything near a doctor. Fuck, last time I checked, you weren’t anything near an actor. Go fuck yourself.

Oh, and Brook Shields pwned your ass in her response to your assholistic comments about her use of medications for her PPD.

Blah. What a shithead.

If you don’t mind my asking, duffer, what is your diagnosis?

duffer, how come you’re pitting Cruise rather than the entire Co$? Did he come out with some statements of his own on the subject? I guess I missed them.

I made a decision long ago to show at least a modicum of tolerance to all religions. I may think they’re bullshit, but I’ll give their adherents enough respect to allow them some latitude. After all, maybe they know something I don’t. And if followers get something out of it, then more power to them.

Fundies don’t get as much of a break. AntiScientologists get none. Zip. Zero. Followers of that nutso crazy lunatic science fiction whacko cult of assholes can fuck off and die for all I care. Yeah, I’m wishing harm on them. Because they actively work to cause harm in others. And they do it for profit. And they’ll try to destroy anyone who stands in their way.

Fuck it. Let them come after me. Because I’ll certainly stand in their way.

Just wanted to add – does anyone know where the Co$ stands financially as compared to, say, the Catholic and Mormon churches? Or are figures like that simply unavailable?

The Co$ claims to have 8 million members. “Adjusting” figures might not be anything new to them.

I’m usually tempted to say go light on folks like Cruise, as he’s also a victim of his cult, but as others have pointed out being a big star he’s influencing a lot of others. So fuck him. Tear him down (if possible) before more people are victimized because of him.

(I also have trouble feeling sorry for a guy who makes millions for a few months work, and was married to Nicole Kidman)

Please enlighten me on this, but from what little I know, Cruise is not as much a follower as he is a leader these days.

Am I wrong in that?

IANA expert on the Co$, but my understanding is that the Co$ deliberately recruits in Hollywood for high profile members to act as celebrity endorsements, but the leaders of the Co$ seem to work hard on being out of sight.

I believe that Tom Cruise is just as much a victim as he is a credulous fool. Which doesn’t change that I think he should have someone shove his feet further back into his throat, now that Brooke Shields so gracefully put them there.

I just wanted to jump on the “Tom Cruise go fuck yourself with a BBQ fork” bandwagon here officially and welcome all of you to my private club, which I thought I had started somewhere between Top Gun and Mission Impossible.

He’s an ignorant pretentious fuckbag, and he’s ruined my fantasy life for first Nicole, then Penelope, now Katie. Who wants to daydream about someone stupid enough to spend time with him?

You know, this thread would probably may way more sense if the OP, anyone, explained what any of this has to do with Tom Cruise. Even a single sentence would do it.

FG, Tom Cruise went on a stupid, ill-informed, assholistic, lengthy rant recently about how psychotropics are evil and unneeded and that psychiatry and psychology are both “pseudosciences”. Ya know, because Scientology is the REAL DEAL~!!!11


From what I gather, he recently gave a Tv interview, where he put down (not very well, either) each and every opposition to Scientology, including prescription drugs. He is also an ass.

Is it not possible that he’s being paid to endorse Scientology the same way Kirstie Alley pimps Jenny Craig?