Dear Wallgreens

Thank you for informing me you have crutches but do not have a license to issue them with prescription. Thanks for this bit of trivia at 1:30 A.M. Thanks for this usless fucking fact after I and my Monster of a 16 year old (hes 6’5" and built like a truck) have spent 6 hours in the emergency room after some fucktard who was to stupid to take the lane he needed when he was supposed to and then cut in front of my son on his Bike without checking his fucking Mirrors. Cause you know, what I really fucking want to hear at the almost end of the day is that my kid and I have to find a way for him to get into the house from the car after he went for a complete flip over a car, tore a 7" gash in his leg thats over an inch deep in places and had to be stiched up. (and dont forget the bruises all over) please, do me a favor, eat shit and die…thanks

oh yeah, Dear wallgreens pharmacist guy, you sound EXACTLY like J.S. Sebastian from blade runner, wtf?
my appologies for inchoherancy/spelling/whatever
yes my Son is generally ok, he will walk and all that shit just fine after he heals (it looks good anyway)

Why in the hell should you need a prescription to get crutches? What harm could an uninjured person do to himself with them? It’s not as if they’re addictive or anything. Too bad you don’t live nearby – I’ve got a pair in my living room right now ready for my yard sale Saturday. Maybe I’d better change my plans, lest the DEA come breaking down my door.

Hope your son heals quickly!

Er…the emergency room wouldn’t arrange for you to get crutches?

Another pharmacy tried to pull this shit with me years ago when I went to get a wrist brace*. I had a bad case of carpal tunnel starting and I had been up two nights in a row in severe pain, so I was not pleasant at all (carpal tunnel seems to run in my family, my mother and grandfather both had surgery on both their wrists).

If I’m paying full price for one, I don’t understand what the big deal was. They said they couldn’t give me one without doctor notification, so I stood there and cried in the store until they gave me one.

Call your doctor and have them call the pharmacy for you. You don’t have to deal with that shit.

  • They used to keep the wrist braces behind the counter, now they stock them in the ailses. Which I think is due to the number of cases growing from the large amount of computer use.

Where do you live? I can only vouch for Indiana and Virginia, but in both states I could buy canes, crutches, and knee braces without a prescription…

He didn’t get any in the emergency room?

I don’t think I’ve seen a drugstore that didn’t have a display with canes, crutches and the like. Weird.

If it helps, you can get crutches at Salvation Army stores for a couple bucks…


Hey, some people use alcohol as a crutch.

Am I the only one who doesn’t understand this sentance?
…do not have a license to issue them with prescription…

Should that be without?

Some insurance policies will cover the cost of crutches if a doctor writes a prescription for them. Without the prescription, you pay for them yourself. The O.P. was a bit unclear, but I’m guessing that Walgreen’s was willing to sell him the crutches if he paid for them, but not if he wanted to use a prescription which would have to be submitted to an insurance company. There’s also a good chance that the Walgreen’s employee did not make this clear.

Gotta be careful about those crutches. The kid’s prolly been sneakin’ around usin’ a cane and stuff, and now he wants to go to the next level. Before long, he’ll be usin’ one of them walkers with wheelies on the bottom. Look at all them old folks in nursing homes who never kicked their habit afore it got 'em! Thass why you gotta have a perscription for such dangerous goods. :rolleyes: Idjits.

no they didnt make it clear, and I was WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY to tired and beyond starving at that point to be thinking clearly.

dude it sure as hell Should be “without” but that wasnt a typo.

my guess is Miss Laina is correct and I could have paid cash for them. but all I heard last night was “we have them and you cant get them from us”
as for the thrift store info, thats my first stop this morning.

Crutches, canes and other mobility support devices aren’t covered as drugs, they’re covered as durable medical equipment. The pharmacist on duty probably didn’t know how to file such a claim; DME can be tricky to file under the best of circumstances, and since few people want to buy crutches in the middle of the night, Walgreens figured there was no reason to train this guy to do that.

That said, I’m surprised the hospital didn’t send your son home with a pair then billed the insurance company as part of that claim. Whenever I’ve needed crutches, that’s how I’ve gotten them.


I’ve got three pairs of crutches at my house (one of which my husband is using right now) I have never been able to leave the hospital without them if they are needed. I can’t believe the hospital sent you home without them.

Yeah, even my hell-hole of a school clinic would send you home with a pair of crutches, and it could be really, really hard to convince them you were actually injured. Technically, they were only to be borrowed, but they would only charge you $10 if you never brought them back, so I just kept mine in case I ever needed a pair.