Death at a Funeral -- British version

Anyone else seen Death at a Funeral? Not talking about the newer American version which is junk but the original British one.

I think it was one of the funniest movies ever made maybe because of the dry understatement and the refusal to try for a laugh with every other line. The finest in British humor. Agree or not?

I’ve only seen the British one.

Thought it was OK.

Agree. Though it’s amusing that the 2 funniest actors in it (IMO) aren’t British :slight_smile:

The first half is not very funny at all. The second half is moderately funny but it is driven by tired comedy cliches that only seem funny because the setting is a funeral. The need for accidental ingestion of hallucinogens to keep things going is weak stuff.

The British one was far better, but neither was what I would call fantastic. The concept lent itself much better to dry British humor and a lampoon of British society.

Makes me laugh, makes my kids laugh- mission accomplished! It’s actually one of our favorite movies, and MUCH better than the 2010 remake.