Death Knight Mount/Riding Level

So, when you create a Death Knight, you get 150 riding and your charger. You need to have 225 riding for the flying mount. So, how the heck do you get from 150 to 225?
My sister has been all over, seen trainer after trainer, and we’ve both been to thottbot, wowwiki, and have done many google searches. All anyone talks about is the flying (which requires 225).

Please tell me where to send her before she goes postal.

Shadowmoon Valley, either the dwarf or orc village depending on your faction. Requires level 70.

The Riding skill is different from other skills, in that it isn’t a one-point-at-a-time progression (i.e. you don’t get better the more you ride). Instead, a lvl 30 character jumps straight to 75 after obtaining the Apprentice Riding skill, then straight from there to 150 at lvl 60. Then from 150 straight to 225. There’s one or two more levels, I think, but I’m not there yet.

Don’t ask me why they did it like that, or why they even bothered with the points.

Yeah. We know. I’ve got an 80 myself.

The problem is that she can’t find how to get to 225. She is going to go back to Shadowmoon but she did say she had been there before but couldn’t find anyone to train to 225.

Which side, congodwarf? If it’s alliance it’s with a dwarf very close to the flight point in Wildhammer Stronghold. She can look for the Stable Master, as that one is also part of the same group.

Oh yeah. Sorry. Alliance. I’ll let her know that.