Death Metal song identification

I’m sure it’s an easy identification for real fans but I only know some of their songs from the radio (Chop Suey et al) and I have one stuck in my head, I think is System of a Down… though it might be Disturbed.

It starts with a drum solo and then breaks out into “OH WA AH AH AH”… any ideas?

Nevermind. I’m a moron. Disturbed - Down with the Sickness.

Move along.

Just wanted to say that if you think that’s death metal, you’re in a for a big surprise.

Go listen to some Morbid Angel. It’s good for you.

And that is no joke. By death metal standards Disturbed is pop.

I think you misspelled “crap”. :wink:

I was going to suggest Gorguts, but Morbid Angel fits the bill, too.

I’ve always wanted to buy a Mortician CD, and drive thru town with my windows down and the music blasting.

I think Disturbed is more accurately described as “Nu-Metal”.

Death Metal makes Metallica look like O-Town.

Isn’t the band called “Disturb’d”?

No, they’re just called Disturbed. Maybe you’re thinking of Trapt.
Who, for purposes of this thread, may or may not be grindcore.

I suppose that next you’re going to tell me that Living Colour is a black metal band?

Or Staind?

What’s with bands and their inability to spell properly?

I always loved the song “Cult of Personality Will Hail to the Punishing Latin Gibberish of the Cold Winter Forest Night”. Classic.