Death on Holiday?

Just watched Meet Joe Black, which was lovely, but perhaps twenty minutes too long (Mrs. R jumped at the sudden accident about fifteen minutes in), and it brought to mind Death Takes a Holiday–which I’ve never seen, but which sounds interesting. But 'taint available on Netflix, curse it all. :frowning:

…and then I thought it might be fun to have a little “Death on Holiday” film festival of my own, like the time I watched all the Thin Man movies back-to-back one week. What are some other movies with the “Death Takes a Holiday” theme?

Well, there was that Family Guy episode, “Death is a Bitch.”

From the Family Guy Wiki:

Oh, and I recommend that you get your hands on a copy of Death Takes a Holiday as soon as possible. It is touching and enchanting on levels that Meet Joe Black didn’t even come close to.

I have only vague memories now of On Borrowed Time, but I think it meets your criteria. Lionel Barrymore tricks Death so that he gets trapped in a tree and can’t claim his (Barrymore’s) life. I remember liking it quite a bit, but I haven’t seen it in probably 20 years. But, hey, Lionel Barrymore!

As a subversive touch, you could end with the Twilight Zone episode “Nothing in the Dark” in which a young Robert Redford plays Death. However,

He emphatically does not take a holiday. He ends up easing the old woman’s transition into death. Kind of touching, really.

There was also a 1971 made-for-TV version of DTaH, which I know I saw but don’t recall much about. The reviews on IMDB are few but all positive. Of course, it’s not available on VHS or DVD.

Totally unrelated to the OP, but for some reason I keep thinking of the ‘found a peanut’ scene in Tromeo And Juliet. (Kind of seems like a family on holiday.)

Prairie Home Companion, perhaps?

There is an episode of the 2002 revival of The Twilight Zone called “One Night at Mercy” featuring Jason Alexander as a depressed Death who wants to retire. I don’t know if it’s any good; I read a synopsis.

FYI, Meet Joe Black is an actual remake of DTAH, not just a similar movie…


Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey :smiley:

You’d bloody well need a holiday if you had to spend your day dealing with bloody twits who won’t shut up and keep asking oh-so-stupid questions, cor blimey!

Thanks for the suggestions, everybody. Netflix doesn’t list Death Takes a Holiday, so I suppose I’d have to go eBay or some little shady outfit.

I have actually seen the Robert Redford Twilight Zone episode, which I remember as being quite touching. And I own Tromeo & Juliet, which was, um, weird. :wink:

I guess Death takes a holiday in Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey–at least he take some time to enjoy himself playing board games… :slight_smile:

Woddy Allen wrote someting about a New York clothier who plays gin with death and gets an extra day of life out of the deal. Of course, this is a take off on the classic Ingamar Bergman scene of playing chess with death for extra time.

Rocketeer, you don’t say if you’re in the U.S., but I have seen the original (Fredric March) Death Takes a Holiday on TCM. You can watch their listings and I think you can go to their web site and request it. You might get lucky.

The Seventh Seal, Heaven Can Wait, The Remake of Heaven Can Wait, and the other remake of it with Chris Rock, all feature a delayed death. (well sort of)

If we’re throwing in written things, there’s Pratchett’s Reaper Man, although, IIRC, Death doesn’t take a holiday, exactly, so much as get laid off.

There is an episode of *Dead Like Me * called “Vacation” in which the reapers get a day off. They sit around doing clerical work, and nobody dies.

Or Piers Anthony’s On A Pale Horse where Death goes on strike to avoid having his girlfriend die.

Speaking of death taking a little time off

I came in to mention that one – I’ve only seen it once, over thirty years ago.

The Seventh Seal has already been mentioned, as has Bill and Ted’s, which parodies it. Another parody is the short De Duva, with a really young Madeline Kahn:

It was also parodied in the Woody Allen playlet “Death Knocks” (which hasn’t been filmed AFAIK) and in an ad in an old National Lampoon for the book “Bobby Fischer Teaches You How to Beat Death at Chess” (Obviously, Death eventually learned better). Here are other parodies, from iMDB:

I recall an episode of “Night Court” in which a guy claiming to be Death has been locked up; while he’s in jail, nobody dies.