Death pursues helmentless motorcyclists.

In India, tired of motorcycle drivers not obeying traffic rules, the Hindu God of Death has begun actively chasing them around.
I wonder how long it would take in the US for the deity of psychopomp of choice to have his ass kicked?

(I’d appreciate it if a mod could correct the title to “pursues”.)

“Yes we will spread the message of the importance of motorcycle helmets, by scaring the shit out of motorcyclists, causing them to fall to the pavement, cracking their skulls open like so many eggs” - Yama, Hindu God of Death

India couldn’t survive if people followed rules.

So many people die because they don’t follow even common sense safety practices, that if they started not dying, India’s population would hit 3 billion by the end of the year.

I read that as “Helminthless”, which puts a strange spin on things.

Helminthless is a good thing; death ignores helminthless motorcyclists.

Now I wanna see helmetless scofflaws being followed by a Harley-riding guy wearing a black robe and a skull helmet.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with riding a train in that way. Have you ever seen the NYC subway? All that graffiti? Now THAT’S scary!

You didn’t want them to fix “helmentless”?

And apparently they did not! Let’s go to the quarry and throw stuff down there! Hilarious!

The God of Death has no need to chase helmet-less bikers - they are riding directly towards him at great speed.

Well, the guy in the linked article doesn’t have a helment, does he?

What about shodamapads? Was he wearing his shodamapads? You should always wear your helment and shodamapads.

{Emphasis added}
Seat belts??? Seriously? I’ve never even heard of seat belts on a motorcycle. Odd…

It’s be less confrontational to approach helmet-less motorcyclists to thank them for being potential organ donors.