Death Ray Killed!

What’s wrong with the folks at New York Times?
They can’t come up with a decent headline if it’s staring them in the face.

U.S. and Israel Shelved Laser as a Defense <- Pathetic, just pathetic!

MTHEL (with pics of shiny red laser mirrors).

Yes, but could it be mounted on a shark?

Too modern looking. Do they have something more retro looking? Maybe in a 1920’s style?

I had a thread about this when they first started testing it. So, they shot down artillery with a laser. This recent story seems to confirm my idea that the test was rigged to not fail.

I would have to say that when Hezbollah recently started launching rockets at Israel, the first thing that came into my mind was why aren’t they using the lasers to shoot them down? Now we know.

Yeah. Needs some vacuum tubes, and rectifiers. Maybe some art deco fins.

Yeah, but they did include this line:

Well, look at it this way: the project didn’t really fail, we just proved that that wasn’t how to build a workable death ray.

Now we know… [cue next line]

And knowing is a significant part of the conflict.

And knowing is a significant part of the conflict.

Stupid hamsters. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

I don’t get it. What does GI JOOOOOOOOE have to do with this? :smiley: