Energy-Beam Weapon Delayed!

Military’s Energy-Beam Weapon Delayed

They may be late but apparently, *Scalar Weapons Are * Possible

Say it. SAY IT!

Gotcha Ya!

This thread was funny once, for about 20 minutes, in the sixties.


Cliffy– the gag’s *waaaaay * overdone… but the reason I posted the link to this story is-- apparently energy beam weapons could soon be a reality.

Other folks might have known that, but it’s news to me.

All your beams are belong to us?

I burning your death ray.

When come back, bring death ray.

Who’s your daddy! WHO’S YOUR DADDY!

Wait, what?

Oh, boring. They’re just “LASERs”.

And they’re not even mounted on sharks.

WOOOHOOOO! I’m delaying like a motherf…!!

That would be (Death)Rio by Duran Duran.

What does it do? Nothing. That’s the beauty of it.

Does it echo?

Like a duck?

I do hope the stun mode works though. But it may open up another can of worms.

Ya know how so many Palestinian suicide bombers accidentily blow themselves up before they can do any harm? The Isrealis have been doing this for years. In comparison, the US version looks, well, like something from the twenties…