Death to the Washington City Paper!!

This one is for all us DC Dopers who got UNJUSTLY denied this week.

I dunno what them spineless goobers down at the City Paper editorial offices were thinking when they decided to pull Slug’s cartoon for the monkeybrain column and replace it with some simpering cutesy piece of work.

Let me lay it out for the rest of you - the cartoon we saw was some unknown, possibly an eighth-grade friend of the assistant editor. All it was was the monkey’s head with his skull cut off, looking helpless and sad behind a plate that said “Yum”. So obviously it wasn’t the violence against the monkey that was objectionable. It must have been the obviously racist depiction of the whole of the population of China as a couple of Mandarin slit-eyes.

But of course last week’s depiction of a Muslim woman dropping a stick of dynamite into a punch clock wasn’t objectionable. Nor was the picture of Uncle Sam, which could be interpreted as a Black man stuck shoveling coal/shit while the Hitlerite German laughs over his vacation plans. “Oh no. Makin’ fun of the darkies and sand n*ggers is plenty fine for us, but ya can’t make fun of the Chinaman.”

Stupid inconsistent bastards. If you’re gonna make a stand against the content, fine. But don’t be letting one thing slide while blocking another. Fuckknuckles.
sigh I just can’t work up a good head of steam over this one but it pisses me off just the same.

Slug would never be so un-PC. That was a tampon, in reference to menstrual leave in Muslim countries.

On the rest of it, since I was first introduced to the weekly columns by the Washington City Paper, I feel your pain. :mad:


Dude, was it? Damn. I owe Slug an apology for that one. I must be forced to buy the complete set of Straight Dope books at horribly inflated prices.

As for “fuck-knuckle” - I heard an Aussie friend of mine use it once and it just stuck. I like the sound of it. :smiley:

Thanks for the props on the rest of it, tho.

Um, huh? How can a monkey’s skull be cut off from his/her head?

::shares in Olent’s pain . . . hey, not THAT pain! Sicko!::

Fuckin’ A.

Read the column, see the reference to Hannibal. Go to theatre, and see Hannibal. Re-read column. Understand.

Read the quote again, Montfort. Look up a medical book that tells you that the head is the skull. A skull is a head. Re-read quote. Then realise that quote should have been: “Top of the monkey’s skull.”

Then lie down and think calm, calm thoughts …