"Opus" comic strip suppressed

There are no details, but Berkeley Breathed states on his website that many newspapers are not going to print his “Opus” comic strips for August 26 and September 2. Apparently, they don’t want to offend Muslims.

Here we have a classic example of liberal cowardice and hypocrisy. Would they have been so sensitive about the feelings of Christians? I rather doubt it.

Which newspapers?

I mean, if you’re going to accuse hypocrisy and liberal bias, I expect you have a list of those papers all ready. On the site it only mentions the Washington Post (Which I remember being discussed here but don’t remember if it was in the context of “idiotic liberal trash” or “moronic conservative crap”).

Here’s one of the strips.

As you can see from the strip, no reasonable person would be offended; yet editors across the country have pulled it.

It was an action so cowardly and hypocritical, that I just naturally assumed it must have been liberals.

Ah. Well, thanks for the honesty, I guess.

FWIW, a take on the political leanings of the Washington Post.

Some editors aren’t running it because it contains a mild sex joke. Others aren’t running it because they’re scared of Muslims. The syndicate even showed the strip to two Muslim clerics who pronounced it acceptable–and still these eunuchs won’t run it.

My contempt for the media grows almost every day.

That’s a good point. Nothing, in the history of this country: not comics, not novels, not movies, not paintings, have ever, in any place or time, been pulled because it might be offensive to Christians. It’s simply never, ever happened, at all. :rolleyes:

That Wiki page was last modified two days ago. I wonder what was modified and who did it. A television news commentator is quoted, calling the Post a “neocon paper.” Gosh.

There were three edits on August 23. The first was to maintain name consistency, the second was vandalism, and the third was to remove that vandalism.

It’s up each reader to decide if Chris Matthews is an informed and impartial commentator on national politics and the Washington Post’s role therein. Thank you for your vote.

Well, of course you did. What else could it have been? Case closed!

What is the debate here? The cowardice and hypocrisy of liberals? The preponderance of left leaning newspapers? The intellectual prowess of conservatives? Just what are we supposed to debate?

Give me a break. Stores around the country came under siege because they had signs saying “Happy Holidays” instead of “Merry Christmas.” The media is so terrified of Christians it won’t even say that evolution is a fact.

70% of Americans are Christians. They have all the power. They control everything. They have always cowed the media out of reporting anything even vaguely skeptical of its core historical claims.

Oh…and most LIBERALS are Christians…just FYI.

It was more of a dig at western pop culture than it was at Islam-and she didn’t even use the word “Allah” in the last panel! Un-frickin-believable.

There was a show on Channel 4 in the UK recently called something along the lines of The Most Offensive Joke Ever. They told several very offensive, racist jokes on the show but weren’t allowed to do the Muslim jokes they wanted to. Or so they claimed anyway.

It’s never been clear to me how one CAN avoid offending Muslims. They seem born to be offended.

This says quite a bit more about you than it says about them. And there’s a damn good chance these “liberals” are Christians.

Are not; I’m offended by that remark.

Regardless of whether the Post is “liberal” or “neo-con” pulling the strip is pretty pathetic.