Debunk this "ID sniper" ad.

This has to be a joke. I do notice that the image is a drawing and not a photo. Surely this is not a real product.

It’s every bit as real as their JUJU Junior Citizen Eye uplink to the “Ministry of Homeland Security.”

Just a ha-ha.

I think the name “Empire North” may be a veiled reference to the Discordian hero Emperor Norton.

Have a look at their other ‘product’ and draw your own conclusions.
I’m guessing parody.

The “inventor” is a Danish artist who conceived this as an art project. He was on NPR just last weekend, describing how he went to an arms dealers convention, presented the idea, and actually got some interest from countries like China. It might have been “On the Media” or “Studio 360.”

He conceived of the weapon as an outlandish thing that no one would believe possible, but was surprised to find that in the world of international arms dealing, no idea is too crazy to be considered. When he tried to get out of making any firm commitments with the Chinese representatives (because he didn’t really have the thing), he had to “admit” that there were problems with developing and testing the weapon. The Chinese suggested that he could make it in their country, the implication being that certain human rights obstacles wouldn’t be a problem there.

Yeah. The microchip isn’t nearly that small. Not yet, anyway.

Well, if you want a technological debunking, the only way a GPS chip could work would be by radioing its position back to a receiver. It’s range would have to be at least on the order of a mile or so, just to make it worthwhile, and it would have to be powerful enough to broadcast through walls and from automobiles. Not only that, but the GPS receiver must be sensitive enough to receive transmissions from the GPS satellites through walls, even though buried under a layer of derma.

Ain’t gonna happen with current technology. Even with an antenna, most GPS receivers don’t work well or at all indoors or when blocked by buildings or foliage. They’re also fairly power hungry and won’t last more than a few hours even when powered by AA batteries (although admittedly some of that is the display which wouldn’t be an issue here). You can be pretty sure that your victim would notice if you shot them with a chip containing AA batteries.

Anyway, not enough power, far too big, and it’s unlikely the electronics package would survive the G-forces.
This doesn’t, however, mean that they’re not watching you.