"Decade from Hell?"

I understand Time Magazine has a cover story calling this unnamed decade the “Decade from Hell.” A case can be made what with 9-11, the London, Madrid, Bali, Mumbai and Beslan, the swine flu, two major financial scandals, a big and a small recession.

Was it a Decade from Hell?

Did I miss any major examples of why?

Does 8 years of George Bush count in your criteria? d&r

Seriously, though, I can’t really say it’s been an especially hellish decade for me personally - although I don’t really have much to compare with, seeing as I turned 18 in 2000.

Compared with what? Personally, if it is “hell” you want, I’ll take the 1910-1920 decade (ruinous world war, killer influenza epidemic), the 1930-1940 decade (destructive depression, start of another ruinous world war), 1940-1950 (bulk of WW2) … over 2000-2010, at least so far.

The stuff we’ve dealt with this decade is, quite frankly, small potatoes in comparison. 9/11 was horrible and thousands died; that would have been a disappointing day’s work for bomber command in WW2.

Of course TIME magazine calls it the “Decade from Hell.” It was the decade when print died.

I’ve lived through worse.

In the 70s we had Tricky Dick (Nixon for you young whippersnappers) with Watergate and an almost complete loss of faith in our government, racial riots, financial woes, gasoline rationing, the Vietnam War with dead bodies on TV every night and bunches and bunches of body bags coming home, the United States being publicly humiliated by this tiny little country called Iran, Three Mile Island, blackouts, plane crashes, and the Jonestown Massacre. Oh, and let’s not forget Jimmy Carter’s killer rabbit, and Billy Beer.

Plus we had disco.

Personally, I think disco clinches it. You can’t have the decade from hell without disco.

“Decade from Hell” doesn’t really mean anything. It’s just a catchy phrase intended to sell magazines. And while I’m not disputing the bad things Time discusses - terrorism, the financial crisis, and if you wanted, you could throw in climate change - if the 2000s were the decade from hell, what does that say about the 1940s? Or the period stretching from, say, late 1929 to mid 1945? There was an enormous global economic crisis leading into a world war. Times are bad for a lot of people and it doesn’t make this decade look very good if those are the comparisons I’m offering as a rebuttal- but if this was hell, what were those years?

Swine flu is bad, but there have been worse flu outbreaks, and I’d say the response to swine flu was pretty successful.

I don’t know, have you HEARD the dreck the kids today listen to? I would gladly take disco any day of the week over that!

Now 70s “fashion” over 00s fashion, well, yeah, that definitely makes the 70s a decade to forget. (Reminds me of a comedian talking about the 70s, saying that it was known for its loose sex, but it wasn’t due to any liberation of societal norms, but rather, it was like “You want to have sex?” “Anything just to get you out of that lime green leisure suit!”)

Getting back to the OP, such proclaimations (sp?) have always been very short-sighted. I’ve already heard of the Such and Such of the Century several times since 2000, and the century is still in its infancy.

Ahh, the 70s. The decade of seemingly universal bad taste.

Neon orange shag carpets, anyone? :smiley:

for me the 2000’s were horrible for all the things you mentioned and some personal stuff. When I hear “Party like it’s 1999” I get up and dance.

Good riddance! Bring in the new decade.

Oh dear. Haven’t you ever heard of the Terrible Teens? :stuck_out_tongue:

The tsunami?

That’s how I see it too. Every generation has its defining moments of hardships, and I would certainly say that for today’s young people the last few years have had a lot of hard times. However, in the big picture of human history, the current troubles are nothing compared to what people who lived through the Depression and WWII era had to deal with.

It might have been hell for the residents of NYC and Washington DC in September, 2001 or the residents of Baghdad in March, 2003, or the residents of New Orleans in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, but I’d say most of us have had a decade that was neither hellacious nor heavenly. Intermittant joy, sorrow, and the like.

Was it really that bad?? I’m calling it “the decade my life suddenly got exponentially better”!

It’s been a pretty good decade for me. Infinitely preferable to the seventies.

I heard the editor of Time talking on some show about this “Decade from Hell” issue, and he basically said that what made it so hellish was that we entered it with such high expectations, and it basically did nothing but screw us again and again. 9/11, two quagmires in the Middle East, Katrina (both a natural and man-made disaster), a huge tsunami, financial meltdown, the coming-of-age for radical violent Islam, the U.S.'s loss of being the world’s top dog financially.

I think we went into this decade partying like it was 1999, seeing that the future we had looked forward to since we were all kids was finally here (OMG, it’s the 21st century! Bring on the robot butlers and flying cars!), but then things really were sorta shitty. It’s like going to a party with extremely high expectations that it’s going to be the best bash ever, lots of hooking up, drinking, socializing, but then having a bunch of fights break out, less people than expected show up, there wasn’t enough booze, the beer was sorta skunky, you don’t hook up. Maybe it wasn’t the worst party ever, but because we were expecting it to be so great, it really did feel like the “party from hell.”