December Weight loss thread

Been a while since we did this - and since the holidays are coming, I thought it might be nice to provide each other with encouragement.

On my front I am losing fat, but no weight.

All in all it is good to be getting thinner. I really *am *thinner and it isn’t wishful thinking, despite what the scale says. Not only did people notice it and mention it over Thanksgiving but I have had to buy new pants. One guy I saw over TG had just seen me in October and he noticed the difference. Mom really saw it, but she hasn’t seen me in a longer time. I see it from August pics of me and current pics of me.

Over the summer, July or August I bought size 40 jeans - and they were just a bit snug.

I just bought size 36 last week - they were a bit snug and now are almost comfortable.

But damn! I want the scales to go down too.

OK, I get that I am likely putting on muscle in my legs and all that (from jogging.) I get that losing fat is good and it isn’t all about what I weigh. Still… I want to see the scales move.

Enough whining.

On my part I am jogging 2 miles 4 times a week and trying to keep the sugars out of my diet.

Just a note to wish you all success and will-power during the holiday season.

A few days late, but here we are.

As always, this thread is for anyone who is losing weight, thinking about losing weight, or has lost weight. Newbies welcome.

How is everyone doing with the holiday season? I navigated Thanksgiving quite successfully, partially due to the fact that I ran a 5-mile “Turkey Trot” race on T’giving morning. Woot! Limited myself to one plate of food at Thanksgiving dinner, plus one slice of pie. I felt good afterward and not like I was in a turkey stupor, so I consider that a win.

My weight loss has kind of stalled out over the past few weeks, probably because I’ve been playing fast and loose with my diet, but thanks to running I haven’t actually gained anything back. I plan to get back on the calorie-counting train this week. I’ll admit that once I was able to fit into a size 14 again and started enjoying the way I look in the mirror, I lost a lot of motivation to keep going. But then I remembered that the lighter you are, the faster you run, so I’m going to try to take off at least another 10 lb. I still have 20 to go before I’m officially “normal weight” according to BMI, for what that is worth.

So, check in, folks!

I’m in. Thanksgiving was great for me, too. I made a promise that I wouldn’t overeat: and I also limited myself to one plate and one small dessert. I hope I can handle Christmas as easily. I also got a new toy in the mail today: Woot had a heart rate monitor for sale about a week ago, and I bought one. I can’t wait to give it a test run. Only drawback: the monitor doesn’t go past 225 pounds, but it will still work for the reason I bought it.

Last time I weighed, I hit 365. That’s 33 pounds down from where I started. It’s a fantastic start, and I’m more active than I’ve been in years. Our school system is going to be doing a fitness competition, and they are going to be choosing one parent and one teacher from each school to participate. If you get chosen, you get a three month membership to the local healthplex, a weekly workout with the rest of the competitors, and nutrition counseling. I am so applying.

There’s another thread with this title. I didn’t realize when I posted earlier.

And for anyone who uses Slim-Fast cans: there’s been a recall on the 11oz. Full details here.

There is? I only see the one from 2008 when I do a search…

Well, there were two threads.

Now there’s just one. :wink:

twicks, MPSIMS moderator.

I’ll put in my monthly plug for I hit my goal weight last September and have maintained ever since. We even have an SDMB team over there.

Weight Watchers rocks!

I joined in April and hit 51.2 pounds lost this last Tuesday. Yes, folks, I lost weight over Thanksgiving! Still have ~20-25 pounds to go.

I gave away all my old fat clothes last week (2/3 to a friend who really needed new clothes, the rest to Goodwill). Saved a few unique items to have tailored down when I get to goal, but jeans and sweaters and tops can be (and have been) replaced. So I have almost all new winter clothes, including outerwear. I’ll get summer stuff when summer comes (I’ll be 25 pounds smaller by then), and I want to get a leather jacket as my “goal” reward.

Bought an elliptical trainer and started using it about a week ago, once it got too cold to walk/run outside. (Yes, I know you can exercise in the cold, but with my cold/wind-triggered rosacea, I’d glow in the dark afterward.)

So yay for me!

Thanks, twicks! Sorry, Khadaji! I swear I looked but I didn’t see this one earlier. :smack:

No apologies needed. :slight_smile: I haven’t started a weight loss thread in more than a year.

It snowed last night here. Our daughter and I went out for a nice, long walk together. It was just so quiet, peaceful and beautiful. She and I had a wonderful time.

It is snowing here now and I took my dog out in it. She seemed to love it. I on the other hand had cold ears, cold feet and cold hands. Another sign I’m just getting old…

Arg, we took the kids to the school’s Winterfest craft bazaar today and I wound up eating way too much crap. I really need to get back on track. I think I will resolve to get back on SparkPeople and log everything I eat for at least the next week, just to get back in the habit.

Our work has an official weigh-in on the first Monday of every month. For one reason or another, they decided to skip this month and pick up in January. I weighed in, anyway. I got off the scale and started to cry: I’m at 360.4. That’s 38 pounds down from 398. I’m still beside myself…

I’m on a portion controlled diet; with daily weight tracking spreadsheets/graphs loosely based on The Hacker’s Diet

After taking all of November to get a good feel for my new meal sizes (and foods to avoid) I’m down 22 lbs. I’m on track this month for a fairly aggressive 3 lbs/week pace but I doubt I’ll be able to keep that up when I shrink from huge to merely overweight.

I’ve already started to fit back into some older clothes and I’ve got 1/2 a closet of stuff I should be able to start wearing again over the next few months.

I’m doing the Snoopy Happy Dance! Congratulations! :D:D:D:D:D:D

Woohoo! Sending out a wish for continued success! :slight_smile:

Fab news, Juliana! I am thrilled for you!

Thank you guys. I really appreciate the support from here and SparkPeople.

Hey, y’all! How’s everybody doing?