Decent waterproof phone/watch with GPS tracking for a kiddo?

Having trouble finding what I’m looking for.

I want to get my 9 y/o a watch that is waterproof, can make and receive calls, and that I can track on my phone. Bonus if it has a camera and can do video chat. Bonus bonus if I can just add a line for it on T-Mobile.

The trouble is, most (which is to say…all) of the ones I’m finding on Amazon are from companies I’ve never heard of. On top of that, even a lot of the the glowing ‘verified reviews’ are posted in competent-but-questionable English, and the reviews that are clearly from actual purchasers are pretty uniformly poor.

So help me out here…I don’t want to spend a fortune, but between his mom and I I’d imagine we’d be willing to fork out over $100 for something of some quality, rather than a throwaway for $35.


Yeah, I’d say that all of these are fake. I wouldn’t trust them any further than a squirrel could throw them.

Yeah…there as to be SOMETHING out there though, right? T-Mobile had one a few years ago I guess, but they discontinued it.

FWIW there is this page.

And the same site has this page. But whatever you do, don’t touch any of the 2G-only mentioned ones, because carriers are phasing out the 2G towers.

I don’t know if what you want is possible. (The Samsung Gear Fit2 looks close at about $200, although I can’t tell if it can make calls on its own or you need to have a phone in your pocket.)

Mostly, though, I’m amazed that the technology has advanced to the point where you can seriously ask if all of that is available for under a hundred bucks.

Well it IS available, it’s just that most of it appears to be crap. I’m willing to spend more for not crap, but the options at this point seem to be crap or nothing.

An Apple watch will do most of that, save the video chat. It’s also going to be ~$300 plus cellular fees for a Series 3. And it’ll stop working if your kid doesn’t charge it nightly, but presumably you’re fine with that.

That meets all of your requirements; why not buy an Apple Series 3?

I think the options are crap, nothing, or overkill by getting an Apple Watch.

The Watch itself has pretty much everything you’re asking for, but unfortunately you’d need to pair it to an iPhone on a data plan for it to work. So while you could get a refurb Series 3 cellular Apple Watch for $250, this would also entail

  • purchasing an iPhone that won’t be used
  • adding an iPhone data line to your existing cell plan
  • adding the Watch data line to your existing cell plan

$250 for the Watch, $130 for a refurb iPhone SE, $15/month to add the iPhone line to your cell plan, $10/month to add the Watch to your cell plan.
So $380 down, then $25/month.

edit- too slow on the draw

OP, what kind of phone do you have? Friends of mine are an iPhone family. They bought their son a used iPhone and track him using FindMyPhone on their phones.

But the kid would probably be teased pretty bad with an iPhone taped to their wrist.

Hm. Well it looks like what I want is only available in crap! I’ll have to go another route. Maybe just a cheapie android phone.

What is so bad about crap? Buy two or three, swap them out when the kid breaks them (which–let’s face it–would happen with expensive ones, too.) Concider them to be something that wears out, like shoes.

A new list from just a few days ago.

T-Mobile offers the TIMEX FamilyConnect™ smartwatch for kids. It’s apparently IP67 rated for dust and splash resistance, but not “waterproof”. It can do two-way calling and GPS tracking. No camera or video chat AFAICT, but hey, at least we’ve all heard of Timex, right?