Deception - the movie... a question

For those of you that have seen it, I’m wondering if you have any idea how plausible the idea of “the list” is.

It sounds like a great idea, and a very discreet way to have a no strings attached sex romp, but how would a list like this get started in the first place?

Any thoughts? And beyond this, any examples of this in the real world?

really? Not one theory?

Is this perhaps one of those invented hollywood things that are good for movie plots but don’t exist?

perhaps this should be moved to GQ?

I’ve never heard of the movie. It’s unclear from your post what this list involves. A list of females and a list of males, randomly or sequentially matched for sexual encounters?

Ah. Thanks for the insight.

The “list” is basically a list of phone numbers. No names. Men have only female numbers, female only males. When someone wants to have sex, they call a number, and say “Are you free tonight?” If the answer is no, nothing more is said. If the answer is yes, a time and place are agreed on, and a sexual encounter ensues. No names, no details, no personal talk. The only rule seems to be that whoever initiates the call is responsible for paying for the room.

That’s it. You can be introduced to the list by a friend, and that person is responsible for telling you the rules.

The people involved were all pretty high power individuals that just liked the non-committal sex. All seemed to have money.

This sounds like it would be impossible to set up in the real world, but it made me wonder if anyone had ever heard of something like this IRL.