Decided to play 'Dark Souls' again. Need a tip.

After a 5 year sabbatical to regain my patience (only got to one ending/light).

On starting a new character and getting up to Level 41 (Knight/Melee) it wasn’t nearly as painful as I remember it, I suppose it was the learning curve the first time but I remember how to play.

My problem is this: I can’t remember which way to go to progress at my level, The Catacombs or Londo Ruins? (Excellent Poise, plenty of Transient Curse and Ghost Blade, short work of both Ghosts/Skeletons) but is this the best route? Is there another area I should visit first? I pretty much conquered Undead Burg, Parish and Darkroot Garden and Basin… is there something or a different route I am missing that is hidden away in one of the previously conquered places? Or do I just dive right in to the Catacombs or New Londo Ruins via Firelink Shrine?


If you can handle the enemies, there’s good loot be found in any or all of those locations. The Catacombs could be pretty tough at that level, though. But you don’t need to do either just yet, though. Your first goal is to hit both Bells of Awakening and then open up Sen’s Fortress.

After beating the boss in the Catacombs you get the rite of kindling allowing you to kindle the bonfires for extra estus. If you go to Londo Ruins now I believe you can kill the boss there and join the Darkwraith covenant for the alternate ending. If you go back to Undead Parish you should find a door leading to the Depths and Blighttown (alternate path to Blighttown is through Valley of the Drakes via Darkroot Garden) where you can ring the second bell of awakening and open up the path to Sens Fortress.