Decision 2004: SDMB ultra-prelim straw poll

Not to jump the gun, but rather to get a sense how this board of many politically active people is leaning, who are you intending to vote for in the 2004 Presidential election?
[li]Choice A:** Bush**[/li][li]Choice B:** Not Bush**[/ul][/li]
If you opt for B please list the potential candidate you’re hoping to vote for.

as for me…

Not Bush – Kerry (and if not him Dean)

Not Bush - Dean, Edwards, or Kerrey

Not Bush

Wesley Clark

Not Bush. – me and about 400,000 other Americans.

Maybe that will jump to 20 million in 2004. :-\

Not Bush.

Clark, Kerry, or Dean.

Not Bush.
Normally, I go the same route as mouthbreather is. This time, however, I can’t stand idly by and let Bush win reelection. Distasteful as it is to me, I’ll vote for whatever bozo the Dems have on the ballot.

Also, I will continue the tradition of voting in Republican primaries against candidates from the Religious Right.

Not Bush.

I’d angle for a Dean/Clark ticket right now.

Not Bush.

I’d vote for Dean in a second, just because he seems to piss the right people off.

Not Bush.

Kerry. If not him, any other Democrat.

Not Bush.

I would vote for Dean or Clark if they are the Dem nominee. I will not vote for Kucinich (fat chance), Kerry or Gephardt and will have to vote Libertarian.

Not any of the Democrats (so far).

Not Bush, either.


Hmmm, 11 posts so far and all say not Bush. Should I break the string?

Dean or Clark are my choices.

Oh, one exception, if the Dems are insane enough to run Libermann, I’ll be looking for Nader or someone similar to vote for, as I did last time.

I bet that even with Bush’s unpopularity that drops. He made a mistake with what he said after 9/11

Bush, and he will be re-elected, kids.


Not Bush.

I dunno who I’ll vote for. One of the Dems, I suppose. I’m not sure which one. But definitely not Holy Joe. I can’t stand that guy.

Not Bush, and Not Lieberman (sp?). But I don’t think Lieberman will get it, so Dean or Clark or Kerry or Edwards or whoever.

I’ve vote for Hillary Clinton herself, if that’s what’s necessary.

And I’m a conservative.

Not Bush. Period.