Decor ironies

This is REALLY ironic!! (and quite trivial)

For years I’ve wanted to do my home decor in chocolate and aqua and turquoise, which was so IN for ages, but somehow we never had the sort of house where it would have looked right

Now we have one and I got this U-beaut kitchen make-over done, and wall units built into the living area and was all set to start the accessorising bit.
Are there any chocolate and aqua/turquoise thingies available??? NUH!! The ‘in’ decor is RED!! - even electr4ic kettles and sandwich makers are RED!!!. There’s not even anything on the throw-out tables…SOB


You should decorate your home in a way that makes you happy when you walk into a room, regardless of the trend.

The good news:

Turquoise is hot for 2010. Check out Target.