Decorating help/colors? What will match my upholstered headboard?

I was recently given a king-sized upholstered headboard. See here. (Temporarily in my parents’ garage.)

It was handmade and upholstered with a pale champagne taffeta (with just a hint of pink). I think it’s beautiful and I don’t currently have a color scheme in my bedroom so I figured I would try to build my color scheme around it.

I’m usually pretty good at home decorating stuff but the hint of pink is throwing me off. My dresser and bookshelf are a dark-chocolate brown and the carpet is a light beige. Everything is currently mismatched. :rolleyes:

Any tips? Suggestions? Should I do darker bedding? Or stick with a similar neutral color?

I think the bedding should be similarly light - perhaps with some darker green (a leafy pattern for example). It’s a lovely headboard.

Whoa – very Lana Turner! I like it, though.

Color scheme: since you’ve already got dark brown furniture and a beige rug, I think I’d stay with shades of brown. The pink seems more peachy to me … maybe some deeper peach or coral accents?

I agree with twicks. Brown and pink or peach are both pretty popular color palettes right now. Go here and look at combo 239.


You could probably do light green also.

Thanks for that color scheme link. #239 is great!

I was thinking about a turquoise but still no clue on what to do for the bedding. I almost bought a new comforter set a few weeks ago. Now I’m glad I didn’t.

I think I prefer darker colors. Like a deep turquoise, dark brown, dark rust colors. I just have to figure out what color to use for the wall, bedding and curtains… and to have them coordinate.

I like combo 184 on the same page.:wink:

I always wonder in this sort of thing, why “popularity” is a factor. Will groups of people be voting on it?

I often wish I could view colors through someone else’s eyes for a day. I clearly see thing so differently than others do. To my eye. 168 and 261 are the clear winners on that page. . .

Love, love, love the headboard! You can do almost anything with it, it’s such a neutral color. I would say put some color on the wall behind it, to make the shape stand out.

Seriously? Grandma, is that you? 261 is totally her couch. :slight_smile: