Help me with interior decorating.

I’ve decided to start putting effort into my living space. I was originally going with sage green green and black as I’d been using my sisters sage green curtains. I was never successful in finding bedding to match that wasn’t too flowery for my taste.

My sister asked for the curtains back in any case so I gave them up and went shopping. My plan was grey curtains. I have 4 windows, two on the south side and I like 84 inch curtains. I ended up getting metallic silver ones, on the darker side somewhere closer to gun metal. They were on clearance and really good quality, thermal, light block. With 8 panels needed cost was a deciding factor.

I have a bedroom set minus a bed frame(bed is on a metal support now). The furniture is black, painted. On of the dressers is missing the hardware so I’m likely to get all new hardware to match whatever I end up with. My is black as well and matches the furniture.

The room has 2 doors, one for a closet both have 6 inch pine plank molding. There is also a old fireplace mantel(no longer a fire place, sheet rocked over), this is also pine plank. This woodwork is all stained classic oak so it looks dull brown.

The floor is 12 pine plank stained puritan pine. I have a grey carpet remnant/area rug under the middle of the room atm.

The walls and ceiling are a very textured plaster, like stucco. They are all white.

I’m thinking painting is in order but I have no idea what colors to go with. I think it makes sense to paint all the molding as natural wood doesn’t seem to fit. On the walls I could do some sort of two color design dry brushing the ridges on the plaster. I’d also want to choose a carpet remnant for the floor and bedding to match the room.

Overall I’d like to keep decor on a more masculine side.

Anyone have any thoughts on colors I should take a look at. With the dark furniture and curtains I’m trying to avoid picking anything else too dark and making it look like a dungeon.

Start with a painting, bedspread, or colorful rug, and try coordinating from there. It really doesn’t matter what color the wood is or what colorful the fixtures are, as these are all considered neutrals.

There are tons of decorating ideas on Pinterest and home decorating magazines.

Go look around on Houzz. They have a bajillion pictures sorted by room and style, and searchable by just about any keyword you can think of. You can just browse, but if you create an account and save pictures to an “ideabook”, Houzz will also recommend similar pictures for you. Just as a ferinstance, there are over 2,000 photos of “grey black masculine” bedrooms.

Thanks for pointing this one out it’s a great resource. I think I’ll be able to find something I can work with.

An old trick is to find one piece of art - a carpet or vase or painting or whatever - that has all the colors you like and “fits” in that room.

Then base all of the colors of that room solely off that piece of “art”.

So if you have a very colorful large bowl you picked up in Mexico with yellow, green and red - use ONLY those colors (or at least brighter or muted versions of those colors) and try to match the colors closely to that bowl. This ensures you don’t go crazy and start adding pink and violet and beige…

Hope I explained that correctly.