Decorating Ideas needed - "Temple of Doom" half bath

Due to a running joke among our group of friends, my SO and I are tossing around the idea of decorating our half bath in “Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom” style. Yes, it was a bad movie.

The bathroom is small. About 5’x’5, and everything in it is white.
Stool, sink, mirror, and a couple of shelves make up the current contents.

I’m thinking of putting either this or this poster on the back of the door.

I’ve got my Indiana Jones Mr Potato Head, and a Tiki head glass so far. (I know the movie is set in India, but dang, it’s a cool glass so it stays.

Any fun ideas for decorating? There is a little wall space for art, and some shelf space. I considered a lava lamp, but usually people aren’t in a bathroom long enough for a lava lamp to warm up. There will be room for small statues, on some shelves. I’m willing to paint, but the sink, counter top and toilet are white, and not being replaced. Toilet seat, wall mirror, garbage can, art, window treatment. All are up for grabs.

In case it isn’t obvious, fun, silly and even tacky will all be considered. Heck, I just found this mirror. If we were thinking Egyptian, instead of Indian, this would be perfect.

I’d get some of those coconut monkeys (the scene where they ate the brains is stuck in my head).

Totally coat the walls in carved and painted styrofoam to like stone cave walls.

Hmmm. Coconut monkey.

I wonder if I can disconnect the hat, and put a brain in there?

Don’t go Temple of Doom, just Indiana Jones.