Deep Elum

Heard several songs with the term "Deep Elum,"where , who or what is “Deep Elum?”

It’s a rockin’ part of Dallas, TX.


And it is spelled Deep Ellum.

Here’s a site with more info on it. It is a really cool place, almost all of the concerts I’ve ever been to were at clubs there.

Having (until last year) been a Dallas resident for 13 years, I managed to avoid the raucous mess of west Elm St. for the most part, though people with the hankerin’ to get puking drunk, rowdy, and bang heads to music played loud enough to rupture eardrums seem to enjoy it. You can get just about anything tattooed on any part of your body there, as well as piercing tender parts of one’s anatomy.

Also: those into, ah, “recreational pharmaceuticals” can certainly get hooked up with just about any substance known to alter one’s brain chemistry.

The Grateful Dead performed (and recorded) a song called “Deep Elem Blues.” On this site, they explain some of the origin of the song:

Put your money in your shoes.

Daddy’s got them Deep Elum blues…

They’ll put you on the rocks!

Thank you Thank you one and all ,for the replies.