mystery pearl jam song

it must be a cover, but while thinking of something to dowload on kazaa, i decided i would do a search for ‘down’ by pearl jam. one of the results came up, entitled Pearl-jam pre release-Down-Hot. it is not the down that i am familair with. it begins with the lyrics:
‘‘she lived on a curve in the road.
in an old tar paper shack???
on the south side of the town
on the wrong side of the track.’’
the only problem with the download is, you only hear music every minute or so, and then it cuts out. some of it sounds good so i was wondering if anyone knew the title of this song so i could download the whole thing.
thank you

it’s “crazy mary” by victoria williams.

more info: it was originally a duet with her and Ed Ved. I was disappointed when I downloaded it from Kazaa, too, because it was just a mistitled cover I had heard before.

There apparently is a b-side to “I am mine” called “down”, too, but I don’t think this is it.

It was released on the “Sweet Relief” cd in 1993 or 1994

It isn’t really a duet, although Victoria Williams sings background vocals and plays guitar on the track. It also sounds pretty good live, especially when Mike plays the solo to “Stairway To Heaven” at the end of the it (it fits in surprisingly well).

To clarify, the version of “Crazy Mary” the OP is looking for is on the original Sweet Relief benefit album and is performed by Pearl Jam with Victoria Williams. (Pearl Jam has also performed this song live many times and it is available on several of the live albums in their “official bootleg” series.) The song is originally by Victoria Williams, and appears on her album Loose.

I know there is definitely a Pearl Jam song called Down - Eddie Vedder introduced it as “a b-side off [their] latest album” when I saw them in Sydney last night. So you’re looking for the right thing.

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