Deep frustration/a mild rant.

Welcome to the wonderful world of sucks to be me.

What could have caused this you might ask? Pull up a chair, grab a cup of coffee, and I shall share with you.

Now… many on here know that I have multiple sclerosis. Some also know about the circumstances of the past 9 months with my now ex-husband leaving me as well as some aof the other specialness that has surrounded me.

In the midst of all this bullshit, I have been attempting to find work through the Oregon Department of Vocational Rehabilitation, and have juggled my life as best as possible.

Because Measure 28 failed in Oregon, the Medicaid system has been slashed in a massive way. The poor in Oregon who formerly had a decent health plan now have no pharmaceutical coverage, co-pays on every service, including a $250 co-pay if one is admitted into the hospital.

The handicapped who aare on disability are supposed to be on OHP Plus, which is the medical plan that used to be the standard Oregon Health Plan that everyone was on.

I checked my new medical card and found that I am on OHP Standard, As of March 1st, that means I lose vision, dental, medication, and every other type of coverage besides seeing my primary care physician and my neurologist.

I was sure that this had to be a mistake.

I called my case worker. It was no mistake. It seems that I make $47 dollars too much to qualify for OHP Plus. What is my grand and glorious amount of disability I collect a month? $597 per month is the check I get from Social Security.

From that $597, I have to coax $350 for rent, $70 for car insurance, $90 for my phone, $18 for my insurance premium, and $40 for my cable modem.

My monthly bill for medication is a bit over $2000 a month.

So, I looked into programs to try and get my medication subsidized. All of them have the same primary requirement: you have to be on medicare. I will not be eligible for medicare until July.

So, I will now be falling between the cracks like man other disabled people in Oregon, supposedly living in luxurious largesse on the MASSIVE amount of money I am getting.

So, while I am still desperately searching for resources(and feeling like a fine fucking catch while doing so), depression and a massive sense of futility has set in. To an extent, a feeling of fatality and malaise is pervasive as well.

Everytime I feel like I have gotten myself to a stable point in my single life, some crap like this comes from nowhere and fucking broadsides me.

This fucking blows, and whatever team came up with this extremely low limbo bar which is completely screwing me and thousands of other disabled people in Oregon: I would love for you to live in our shoes for a week, knowing what it can be like to have incapacitation as a regular aspect of your life. I would like these phlegmbeings to know what it is like to have people alternately stare at you and ignore you. Most of all, I want these morons to know what it is like to not be able to live your lives in a pseudo-normal way, and to have what used to be basic and simple suddenly become difficult and at times, impossible.


Wow! That is truly awful! I’m so sorry that you don’t have health care for all.

Mockingbird that sucks big time. My mum has MS and I know its bad enough all on its own without the govt. jumping in to screw you over as well. I’m sending some prayers up for you that it will all work out.

Here’s a link that could take about $80 off that phone bill. I hope posting that link isn’t inappropriate (I’m not affiliated with that site), but a $90 phone bill seems pretty high for someone on such a tight budget.