Deer Whistles for cars... Good idea or waste of money??

Husband and I will be driving to rural north central Nebraska in a few weeks from Nevada. We will be going through Utah, Wyoming and obviously Nebraska. I know that deer are a problem in the mountainous/rural stretchs of open freeway (I-80).

So what I am asking is, is it worth trying to find them or order them online (since no one out here seems to know what they are- uh try with the duck calls…) Or just go ahead without them?

I am at a loss. :confused:

I just know “Civic vs deer” wouldn’t be pretty

Apparently not. (scroll down)

I tend to agree. But, if you want to spend the money, most truck stops carry them. If not in Vegas then almost certainly by the time you get to Salt Lake City.

Completely and utterly useless. Deer have no sense of rhythm.


But no, they don’t work in any way, shape, or form.

Drive sensibly. If you can always stop within what you can see you’re OK. (The random death-wish deer will probably jump in front of you with or without a noise-maker of whatever kind.)

I had a pair of those deer whistles on the front of my truck-about 3AM on morning I nailed Bambi-she didn’t even give me a chance to hit the brakes. Bodywork to repair the catmobile didn’t include another pair of whistles. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, they don’t do squat. But, on the plus side, you can pretend they are lasers and shoot the cars in front of you. :stuck_out_tongue: