Do "deer whistles" work?

I live in an area where deer collisions are a very real hazards… should I get a “deer whistle”? I’m talking about one of these dog-whistle like devices that are made to be attached to the bumper and “blown” by the air stream that naturally envelops a moving car.

If you do a search here on the boards, you’ll find where this has been discussed before (with links to studies).

Basically, the answer is no. Don’t waste your time or money.

Sorry. Answer would appear to be “no.”

But don’t believe it until you see the Mythbusters demonstration. If they ever do one.

If you do decide to use them, make sure you install them correctly.

I mean, if you put them on backwards, all the deer will be chasing your car.

they work as well as elephant whistles… namely if you never SEE an elephant/deer near your car youll just assume it works even if the chance youll see one is rare in the first place

Deer aren’t exactly what I’d call “rare.” And in some parts of the US hitting them while driving is a real concern, due to their abundance.

What matters is: the whistles don’t work.