Defeating a Rightist Tendency of a Republican Rug Nap

If one puts, say, a masonite protector upon a carpet under his chair before a desk, and that carpet has a nap which, after several of this one’s risings from the chair, causes the masonite to travel a certain distance, of annoyable magnitude, toward his right – how should this one go about securing the protector so that it does not constantly make this foul right-wing move here in this one’s pristine left-wing city?

Ray (not a rugrat)

Nail that sucker down, Ray. A little extreme, maybe, but worth it.
A less vigorous fix might be to buy some of that amti-slip spray for throw rugs and try that.
Is the direction of creep perhaps toward Shirley Deans Abode? :slight_smile:

Work like you don’t need the money…
Love like you’ve never been hurt…
Dance like nobody’s watching! …(Paraphrased)

Hmm. Haven’t tried the “anti-slip stuff” – so far, only Velcro[sup]TM[/sup] hooks cemented to the masonite. Didn’t work.

Yes, to the right is roughly north, and Shirley lives about a mile north on Santa Barbara Ave. (Haven’t met her in the park for a while, telling me to communicate with City Hall. . .and then snubbing me. :wink: After 5 yr, they finally got the Berkeley Muni Code, all codified to date, up on the Web, but they used a Java-run abridged browser window with which you can’t internally search.)

Ray (& Berkeley, still napping after all these years)

Before you spray sticky gunk all over your carpet, (defeating the purpose of the protector) Try an anti slip mat, one intended to hold area rugs down over carpet. Looks like a rubber net of sorts. These usually have good grip.

I’ve also seen non-slip plastic drawer lining/padding that might work. Seems to grab both surfaces very well without much expense and wouldn’t be messy.

How about drilling holes in the masonite and sewing the left edge down to the carpet. You’ll need a large curved needle to do it.

You need a carpet-protecting pad that has those little fingers that project into the woven carpet foundation. Do yourself a favor, and don’t buy a cheap shit thin one or you’ll leave dents in it when you sit down and your chair will keep rolling you back into the same place. This can be at least as annoying as the carpet-creeping phenomenon you describe, maybe worse.

OK! Those pad suggestions sound much better than the gunk. . .if the pads don’t cost too much. But, Nickrz, if you ain’t got much $$$, how can you help being a cheap one of those? The landlady’s rug is about the saddest rag I’ve seen, so it wouldn’t be much of loss, whatever happened. But I’ll have to check the pads out; I’m not much of a seamstress.