Defense Acquisition Scandals involving lack of information

I’m trying to find some examples of situations where acquisition of major equipment got into a mess because information couldn’t be passed between parties. Since I’m an Australian working in the UK, I just don’t know what to look for in the US.

Examples of the type of thing:

In the UK, the Chinook Mk3 could never be flown, because the UK asked for a special digital cockpit, but didn’t make sure that evidence of safety was in the contract. Boeing wouldn’t provide either evidence or the source code, so the MoD could never successfully argue that it was safe to fly.

In Australia, they bought the MU90 lightweight torpedo because it was a low risk purchase, having already been ordered by France and Italy. The contractor wouldn’t give the Australian’s test data, because it belonged to French and Italian contracts. The French and Italians wouldn’t give the Australian’s the data for national security reasons. Hence, the Australians need to spend an extra fortune repeating tests that have already been done.

I’m assuming the question is specific to international defense cooperation? I don’t know of any precise examples, but one place you may want to look is to find a contact at the Defense Acquisition University here in the U.S. , if you can access a .mil site.

There is also this: Ask a DAU Professor.

They may be able to direct you to some examples/case studies for what you’re looking for.