Define these L&O terms?

Could someone with a police/law background define these terms which regularly pop up on episodes of Law & Order?




The Wikipedia entry; I won’t quote here, since it’s a little long

In the L&O context, it’s also been used to describe deception by manipulation, using the methods mentioned above.

To add a little to the answers provided above:

Gaslighting - almost certainly from the movie Gaslight, in which the described techniques were used by the bad guy to try to make his wife doubt her sanity.

Sandbagging - from auto racing. Originally the placing of actual bags of sand in one’s trunk during preliminary races, to make competitors think your car was slower than it actually was. Come the big important race, the sand bags are taken out and your opponents realize - too late - that you can beat them after all.

I’ve known what sandbagging means, from bowling, but I never knew where it came from. Thanks for that.

Awesome movie, IMHO. :cool: