Definition of a Telecommunication Company for ADA purposes

Where is the definition of a “Telecommunication Company” for Title IV of the ADA?

I knew I would be sorry I asked. Can you define for *me *how the ADA defines a Telecommunication Company for ADA title IV purposes?

Maybe if we knew exactly why you’re asking there would be more help. For example are you wanting to know if the Skype folks are a Telecommunications Company?

No, not Skype. Is there a list of almost all of them rather than is one here or there covered by the act.

You could probably mine the FCC filing databases to come up with a list of common carriers but I’d expect it to be voluminous. It would probably be easier to figure it out on a case by case basis unless you like sorting reams of data.

A simple answer is that a telecommunication carrier is a telecommunication carrier. So basically your land-line and cell phone companies like Sprint, AT&T, Verizon, etc…

Most provide TDD devices if needed and TDD devices should be compatible with all carriers.