Definition of Chutzpah - Priebus Quote

From the NYTimes, in a list of comments about the Republican Debate last night (2/25 - Rubio Strikes Back):

Wow. His own party is explicitly, repeatedly going nuts over Trump and Cruz - that has been the central story on the Republican side - and that is his spin.

Talk about putting lipstick on pig!

If you know you’re probably getting into bed with a pig, you’d better make her look as good as you can…

I saw a debate with one of the most qualified men to ever run for President vs. two noobs and a very eccentric billionaire. Oh, and a doctor.

As the chairman of the RNC it is his role to support the party, but not necessarily any particular candidate.

The Democrats have had some complaints over the role of the DNC chair, Debbie Wasserman Schultz and the perception that she favors the Clinton campaign. That draws attention away from the primary and the candidates whom the party should be seen as supporting.

That’s true, I guess. But it doesn’t reduce the outright insanity of the quote in the OP. Even the five on stage wouldn’t agree with the notion that those five are the most qualified to be president in history.

They ARE well qualified to be presidential candidates. They are citizens over 35 years old.

That has nothing at all to do with being well qualified to BE president, which none of them are.

Well, most well qualified suggests that they’re more qualified than past GOP candidates. I don’t think the current field is more over-35 than past fields have been. Plus, one of them is a closet canadian.

I’ll give him spirited though.

I don’t know about “one of the most qualified ever” but I basically agree with you. I disagree politically with Kasich on almost everything, but he’s intelligent and competent. The rest of the field are idiots of varying degrees, from Rubio (incompetent and extremist) to Cruz and Carson (outright insane). No one knows exactly where Trump is on the continuum of crazy. Probably somewhere in the middle.

I’m just talking strictly resume here. There’s a lot of subjective opinion that goes into whether someone is fit to be President, but in terms of just pure resume qualifications, Kasich is up there with the most qualified ever.