Definitive Hendrix Appreciation/Biography

What are the outstanding books about Jimi Hendrix currently available? 'Scuse Me While I Kiss the Sky was fine when I was a teenager, but I think I’m ready for something a tad more erudite now;)

This may go without saying, but I’m far more interested in Hendrix’s music and how it came to be than his personal life. I like reading about how many women the guy boffed and how many drugs he took as much as the next guy, but I’d much rather read about the production of his music, his influences, and who he influenced–as well as educated evaluations of the finished product. In other words, more Leonard Feather, less Kitty Kelly.


You know, I don’t know - didn’t the guy who wrote the Nirvana bio write a Hendrix bio??

Here it is (Amazon link) Charles Cross’s Roomful of Mirrors…

OK–will try to get after that one tonight. Thanks, mate.

Sure. I can’t say for sure whether it is “definitive” - I simply don’t know and have never heard anyone rank the various Hendrix bio attempts. He certainly deserves a well-done bio, as the The Beatles finally got one with Spitz’ 900-page “The Beatles.” But, to my knowledge, Cross is considered a good researcher and writer, and this one came out in the past couple of years, so it is likely to be pretty solid…let us know!

Who would know better than Eddie Kramer?

This book also goes into a lot of detail about the business side of things, like dealings with Michael Jeffrey, the PPX lawsuit, etc.