Defunct Forum??

I keep trying to get through to the Forum for the Rank Insignia of the World website, at
I always keep getting a Forbidden To Enter message whenever I try to login to the Forum. Am I persona-non-grata or are they blocking everyone from entering?

I can get in just fine. But, uh, well… you know… that thing. ;j

If you’re having a problem with that board, you might want to contact… the staff of that board. I’m not sure if anyone here knows what’s going on with that board at all.

And we don’t really want you on this board either. So if you could just…er…bugger off without creating a scene :smiley: and don’t bother coming back :smiley:

I got in okay.
Whom did you piss off on that board? :smiley:

I was able to get into the site, but when I clicked the “Forum” link on the left, I got the same “Forbidden” message that the OP did.

Did everyone else just try to get to the site, or did you also try to get into the Forum?

Zev Steinhardt

A funny thing happened on the way to the forum.

not a good day (hour/ minute) for forums.

I have a nagginf suspsioja that all the vbulletings ones are linked in some way.

tewsayes I got fewsdu up being carefuil on the leygtboard for soe reason.

F and J, Lobbers.

The Home Keys.