Defying Gravity (on ABC)

Here is the link to ABC’s website.

Does anyone think that this has any chance of being good? It looks to be very attractively shot with attractive actors. It is supposed to be about a manned mission to Venus. (Why Venus?) However, there seems to be some hidden agenda at play as well, and the promos don’t seem to address what that hidden agenda is. So, I’m expecting it’s sort of a Lost riff – a conventional plot (this time a space voyage rather than a plane crash), followed by bizarre events unrelated to the original premise.

So, what do you guys think? I’ve set the DVR to record it, but I’m loathe to commit to a sci-fi show that may either be truly awful (in which case I’ll dump it), or be really good, but no one watches it and the network dumps it.

No chance whatsoever, at least for dweebs like us. It’s “Gray’s Anatomy Goes to Outer Space.” ABC will show more minutes of ads and previews than they will of the series before it’s cancelled.

This eeems arther similar to that failed pilot that was shown a couple of months ago.

Anyway, looks like it’s stuffed to overflowing with painfully cliche’d characters and dialogue. Production design looks good, however. I’ll watch the pilot, but I have a feeling I’m gonna be moaning about how crappy it is all through the thing.

Sorry, missed the edit window. The ‘failed pilot’ referred to the space travel show that was shown recently on FOX, was it? Can’t remember the name of the thing.

Virtuality. And yes, there are some pretty suspicious design similarities, including the design of the spacesuits.

Bring back Starcops!

That’s kinda what Alan Sepinwall said in his review of the pilot. No spoilers at the link. “Grey’s Astronomy”.

I like Ron Livingston but the cast is just too pretty for the show to be anything but a soap.

It doesn’t look like a show that actually cares about any of the sci-fi or space travel aspects except as wardrobe and backdrop to a routine fuck drama. Not a single cast member looks like a convincing astronaut.

And Venus? Do the morons who are producing this show know anything about Venus? It’s not a planet people can land on. It has a surface temp of 900 degree F, it’s covered with volcanoes and it rains sulfuric acid. It’s not a planet we would ever send a manned mission to, at least not any time soon.

Well, maybe people we don’t like very much.

Like the entire cast of Gray’s Anatomy.

i can’t imagine it’ll be any good, but I’m a complete sucker for anything about space, so I set up a Season Pass on the TiVo. Anyway, I like Grey’s Anatomy (or at least I used to).


Well, maybe a write is using that old adage that when you turn up the heat and put on the pressure thats when personal interelationships get really interesting.

Venus is as good as it gets if you insist on a solid surface to land on.

You left out the atmospheric pressure 92 times that of earth. But the review linked above mentions they are touring the solar system. This puts it more in line with a British made pseudo-documentary I once saw that had a crew on a grand tour of the solar system, though that was hard-science, which I doubt this will be.

Damn, I thought I was the only North American who saw that show!

Do you remember what that was called?

Well, now I’ve seen it. Not exactly compelling television, sorry to say, unless ‘horndogs in space’ floats one’s boat. Virtuality treated more or less the same story in a considerably more imaginative fashion, and its cast was much more interesting than what I’ve seen so far in this one.

I was fairly amused at the spectacularly unprofessional manner in which this near-future space agency apparently run their personnel selection and training.

At a guess. that’d be Space Odyssey: Voyage To The Planets / Voyage To The Planets And Beyond.

Though uncited, the Wiki page states:

Was anyone else bothered by the whole “magnetic nanofibers drawing things to the floor”? Sure it might make it easier to move around, but shouldn’t their hair (especially the women’s) be floating? :smack: Unless [del]NASA[/del] ISO went to the trouble of making nanofiber hairspray. So anyone care to speculate on what “it” is?

Haven’t seen it yet, but I’m prepared to tolerate wink-wink-nudge-nudge artificial gravity.

Well, it wasn’t good. Much too slowly paced, and it just hands us the mystery we’re supposed to find engaging, but it didn’t give us much reason to care. But it wasn’t awful – at least it wasn’t awful enough to drive away a space junkie such as myself. And it was clear that, dramatic convenience excepted, they did spend some time working out the details – the mission profile is absurd, but if you’re going to do it, then you’re going to do it the way they did it, with a big-ass ship you construct in Earth orbit. (And we know that Zoe really is a space nut because she had a Skylab-3 mission patch in her locker. Skylab!)

Some of the unprofessionalism in terms of crew selection, etc., can be (for the time being) excused by the mysterious force in Pod 4. And I’m not too bothered by the soapiness – astronauts are people, and they always have been. They just haven’t, until recently, been co-ed on long-duration missions.

The one thing I really don’t like is that Zoe is apparently haunted by the abortion she had five years ago. A third of American women have had an abortion, and the overwhelming majority of them don’t freak out about it.

In general, it was OK. In terms of one-and-done half-season network minis, it started stronger than Harper’s Island, and that turned out to be a lot of fun.