Deja vu.....Your employment here is terminated

Yep I’m in shock, I was fired today because I didn’t tell my employer the exact reason I left my old job.

It’s a long tortuous story but here goes. Last March, we got some pot to smoke while on vacation; I smoked a few joints. The next week I was injured on the job and sent to the emergency room and forced to give a urine speciman which came up positive for marijuana. I was suspended, forced to go to Narcotics Anonymous (and told that I didn’t need to be there BTW), forced to go into rehab, drug counseling and piss-tested about every third day. My thc levels dropped at a consistant rate. Three weeks later the test came back at 17 (20 is considered positive).

I was told that 30 days was enough to produce a clean speciman and given the option to either resign or be terminated. I was told if I resigned, any prospective employer would not be told of the drug testing but if asked they would have to tell the truth. If I kept silent, they would also. I resigned and one month later was contacted by the State Nursing Board about “a matter concerning my nursing practice”. I was investigated and cleared of any further follow-up.

I am clean and passed the drug screening for my now ex employer honestly and went on with my career. This weekend I ran into a former co-worker (first job) who never seemed to like me, I’m not sure why. She asked if I was working and I told her I was happy at my new job.

This morning I was called into the nursing director’s office and was told that they had received an anonymous tip that I had been fired for drug use and my first employer would not deny that allegation. While I technically resigned from Job #1, I had no defense. I offered to produce a speciman for them but it was declined. My employment was terminated because they felt I was dishonest. I was not required by the Board to tell my employer about their investigation so I did not. The parting shot was, “if you had been more honest about why you left Job #1, we would have worked with you but now you can not be trusted.”

The thing that bothers me the most is that my job performance has never been questioned. I have received numerous commendations and glowing performance appraisals. I have never been impaired at work with so much as a hangover. I rarely drink. I took my job very seriously.

This whole business sucks.

…nor could the confirm it. Unless you live in a “right to work” state I can’t see how they could fire you for this. I wouldnt think that former employers could give out anything but the basics… “yes, she worked here from this date to this date”, “yes, she resigned”, “yes, that was the position she held”.

Sorry to hear about your luck though. :frowning:

It doesn’t really matter what my old employer did or did not tell them. The other standard question is “would you rehire this employee” That would be a “no” The mere fact that I left under suspicious circumstances is enought to warrant further digging. They already had the information they needed. I’m sure a call to State Board would confirm that a complaint had been lodged against me. I suppose I was not entirely truthful on my application, I just said that I was ready for a change and quit. State Board wasn’t too impressed with the case. I said that I was working again and that I had passed their screening. I was told to continue working and that I probably not be contacted again. That was four months ago.

I just wonder who talked to them and why. It takes a sick individual to do something like this.

I’m sorry I guess I misread your first post. They did fire you for lying on the application though huh? That sucks. It still seems like shaky reasoning for firing you. Hearsay from an anonymous person… like life isnt tough enough.

Sorry again. :frowning:

That fully sucks, Mermaid. Frankly I wouldn’t want to work at a company that would treat me like that, but I suppose you don’t have much of a choice :frowning:

Nolite te illegitimi carborundorum. hugs

A friend of mine got bounced from his job after nine days because they found marijuana in his urine test. Good thing, too, because he was a copy editor at a small newspaper – I think we can all see the danger of letting him copy edit while high. He might (gasp!) let a TYPO through, a typo that could result in nuclear war! Or worse!

I have had to take only one drug test. It was for a job in Florida. The lab tech asked me the immortal question, “Do you think you can produce 60 milliliters of urine?” I’m a little weak on my metrics, so I said I didn’t know, but I got by.

I have never had a drug test from a company before. I work for a computer support company. Most of their employees are under the age of 25. If they drug tested here, they would lose 80% of their staff.

Raw deal Mermaid
What options do you have re: Killing this miracle (walking, talking cohesive pile of shit)?
And re: Other places/styles of nursing? I hear a nurse kinda writes her own ticket these days, well, the right kind of nurse- I don’t know the diff. classifications…

I have plenty of options really. I’m critical care trained, worked for 10 years on a busy med-surg floor, and have Hospice experience as well. I just hate starting over again.

What makes me so mad is the fact that I can’t defend myself. When an employer hears the phrase “drug use” connected with an RN, one immediately thinks of someone stealing drugs from patients and working while f**ked up on narcotics. That is something I would never do. Ever. I take my job very seriously.

I smoke rarely and never worked while high. My trouble was that cannibinoids can take 6 weeks or more to completly get out of your system. Especially if you are overweight or have a slow metabolism. I’m 43 and a little overweight.

Of course I couldn’t say “but I only smoked a few joints”. I’ll take the fifth on that.

Before anyone wants to respond–Yes but marijuana is a drug, I know that. I don’t feel it ranks in the same category as morphine, heroin, cocaine, etc. As far as legal drugs go diet pills, nerve pills,pain pills, alcohol, tobacco those things are far more addicting. I know some will say-- Yes but they are legal and pot isn’t. I know that too. I don’t think it is right though.

I just wonder if the former co-worker is the one called my now-ex employer. There is no way for me to know. I wonder if she has ever heard of a little thing called karma?

With the shortage of skilled nurses now a days, these people are IDIOTS for firing you.

And isn’t there something that would require them to tell you who told? I mean, “an anonymous tip”, c’mon, how cheezy.

Sorry to hear about your bad fortune. I know how you feel. We have random drug testing. One of the girl’s here took her husband’s prescription sinus medication and just happened to be tested that day. She was escorted out immediately, even after explaining the situation. It wasn’t her prescription. She had been here for 10 years, but she accepted the termination because she plainly knew she had done the wrong thing. I constantly write down every thing I take, even an aspirin, because you have to list anything you’ve taken in the last 30 days.
I know you won’t have any problem finding another job, but what’s sad is that this incident will follow you for life, even as harmless as it was. I wish you the best, and even though you don’t know who turned it in, they’ll get their due also.

Don’t beat yourself up too much over the “What if I’d told them” thing. They might be completely full of it, frankly. Can they guarantee that they’d have accepted you if you’d divulged it? I think it’s their way of getting an extra dig in.

In this era of hospital accountability, lawsuits, and focus on “Medical mistakes,” they might have decided they wouldn’t take the chance. I mean, imagine if some innocent error happened with a patient under your care, and the lawyers decided to search for evidence of negligence or malpractice. They find that the hospital knew you’d left another position after failing a drug test, but hired you anyway. It’s a goldmine. It doesn’t matter that you only did it once, or that it was only marijuana, or that you (sincerely) told the hospital you’re not a drug user. That’s not going to be an adequate defense if that hospital hired a KNOWN DRUG USER gasp for dramatic effect.

I don’t know if that’s any consolation–in fact, I guess it isn’t at all. I hate to remind you of what a hurdle this could be in the future. But I just throw it out there because I think they’re doing a snow job on you about the “what ifs.” If you answered their questions truthfully when you applied, then you did what you could.