Screw you Mr/Ms Anonymous Tipster

I’ve talked before about losing my job last April after a post-injury drug screen at my job. I injured my back working with a patient and I was forced to go the the Emergency Department. There I was piss tested and sent home. The screen was positive for marijuana. I went through 3 months of hell at the hands of the employee health nurse who harrassed and threatened me until I was ultimately asked to resign because they thought my urine should be completely clear in 3 weeks. I went to counseling, was reveiwed by the State Board of Nursing and was told I could go back to work with no follow up.

I passed all the screening for a new job and had been there for about 4 months.

Sunday I ran into an old co-worker who had never really liked me very much though there was no reason why. She asked me “if I was able to find anyone who would hire me after what happened?” I told her I was happy working at another hospital and everything was going well.

This morning I was fired on the basis of “an anonymous tip”. The reason given for dismissal was that they felt I wasn’t completely honest about why I had left my last job. I was told that if I had leveled with them things might be different.

Fuck you, you self righteous bitch who took it upon herself to save the world from me. I hope you fall under a bus and die. It was none of your fucking business.

I realize she will probably never read this message, she is too stupid to use a computer. Maybe I could find a way to mail it to her. Anonymously of course.

jesus mary and joseph what a slimy ass ratchet.

In these situations I have to always fall back on my friend Steve’s advice for everyone in the world:

YOU…worry about YOU

She had a job, she was perfectly content…and she sought out to fuck with you. I call that…malicious.

I’m sorry Mermaid. You can be my own private nurse if you’d like…but only if you’re naughty :wink: