Delaware Prison - hostages taken

Story is still developing. Police are responding in force. I hope this ends without further violence.

They’ve had trouble at that prison before.

Police are negotiating a peaceful resolution. It’s been ongoing for about 6 hours. I doubt they’ll let it drag on for too much longer.

Spokesman gives update.

I guess I’m the only one following this story.

Another hostage released. Two hostage still held.

Lot of activity today. Some of the inmates managed to call the press.

This may resolve without violence. It’s encouraging they’ve released two hostages.

Blog of today’s events.

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I guess I’m the only one following this story.

I’m not sure what you expected people to say. News happens.

Breaking news story threads usually interest people. We’ve had a lot of them lately. People may be burned out. I can certainly relate. I’m a news junkie and even I am getting a bit jaded. It’s a constant stream of depressing news lately.

I’m surprised they’ve let this drag out over 12 hours. The police may be waiting till early morning when the inmates are less alert. Get every advantage before moving in.

Nothing is more pathetic than bumping your own thread to get responses.

Anyway, TRUMP.


I waasn’t sure what you meant until I saw this…“We’re trying to explain the reasons for doing what we’re doing,” one of the voices on the call told The News Journal. "Donald Trump. Everything that he did. All the things that he’s doing now.

A prison officer has since died.

(I’m a Delawarean, and am not surprised by the situation given the state of prison systems everywhere- we’ve just had large riots here in Birmingham as a result of conditions. I also don’t specifically look for Delaware-based threads regularly because, well, there aren’t many)

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I’m glad it ended without more people getting hurt.

The guard that died will be remembered by his colleagues for a long time.