Delay in prosecution of Trump

He really is not.

I mean…

I guess they’re all wrong though.

But going back to what I posted in post 190, if he helped the other person that would mean Trump would voluntarily go to his death. Surely there wouldn’t be any angle in that for him. He is so self-centered he would never be able to comprehend why someone would do such a thing.

Recall his remarks on viewing the graves at Arlington: “I don’t get it. What was in it for them?” He’s incapable of thinking of anyone but himself and the idea that anyone else could do things, even go to their deaths, for the sake of others is incomprehensible to him.

I find the headline of the Guardian article objectionable. Referring to Trump’s erratic behavior as ‘doctrine’ implies more forethought and intent than he’s capable of.

I try to read that part as sarcasm. :slight_smile:

Eh, “unpredictable” does not mean “totally random”. To those writers, “unpredictable” means something along the lines of “outside of the bounds of conventional”.

He’s unpredictable in that you don’t know if he’s going to shit on the dining table or in the middle of the living room. But he’s entirely predictable that he’s going to shit somewhere that didn’t really need it.

Exactly. Whatever he does it will be awful, but you can’t predict how he will be awful.

I don’t think anyone could predict that January 6 would go down the way it did. Nobody could have. It shouldn’t surprise anyone that he reacted badly to losing but who would have thought he’d whip a crowd into a frenzy to stop the electoral vote count? And then after telling everyone he’d march with them, instead he slinked away to weakly ask people to “go home in peace”.

He’s erratic and that’s why anyone who says they know exactly what he’ll do is full of it. On any given day you don’t know if you’ll get the bombastic, “I don’t care what anyone thinks but I love my own voice” Donny, or the Donny who hides under the table with a Diet Coke to sulk.

Well, to be fair, we literally had an entire thread on the coup/insurrection where many speculated on just that:

I am sorely put out that Chump has not been charged with something yet. Anything. And his rumblings, which are growing ominously like a volcano about to burst forth, are worrying me. If he ends up getting elected again, then I say to hell with America. You truly do deserve him.

Not quite though. As you pointed out, the Proud Boys announced that they would be up to no good. But nobody said Trump is going to stand in front of a group of people and tell them that they need to go to the capitol together and fight because the election was stolen and everyone there are cowards (including many Republicans). That’s unprecedented. That the crazy crap he pulls that nobody sees coming because no sane person would do that.

Well, yes, the details of the Insurrection were only known to those planning it beforehand, that goes without saying. But when it came, it didn’t arrive unexpectedly, not by any measure. At least, not here at the SDMB:

@Fiveyearlurker on January 3rd:

@Ann_Hedonia on December 20th:

From @Senegoid’s post, above:


I, myself, took off work to see what would happen, because something was clearly happening that day.

It’s the next to last paragraph I want to flag, unfortunately I can’t quote it to copy it.

This one?

I think the real craziness will start on January 6th. But my miscalculation was that a few months ago I thought the Republicans might draw a line somewhere. But it’s going to escalate of “Trump didn’t mean for anyone to get killed when he tweeted that”. “He was just joking when he called for those executions and he can’t help it if crazy people took him seriously”. Why do you pick on Trump and criticize everything he does?

Yes, thanks.

Not as though this will lead to a prosecution of Trump specifically, but truth is truth and informing the public is better that keeping them in the dark.

“Just when you thought you had heard everything about Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian efforts to influence the 2016 presidential election, there may be more.
A case working its way through the federal appellate court in Washington centers on portions of the report which were “redacted,” or blacked out from public view. Chicago attorney Matthew Topic argued to the court Wednesday that the public has a right to much of that information in order to understand why some individuals were examined by Mueller’s investigators but never charged.
At issue is whether Mueller’s team may have given favorable treatment to some individuals close to the president, including Donald Trump Jr. And the judges hearing the arguments seemed to indicate they also believe some of that information should be made public.”

All through the previous administration there were assertions that Trumpists were acting illegally . Well, they are out of office. We now (presumably) have a competent, ethical Department of Justice. Why no high level indictments? The Mueller Report clearly suggested these were in order. Violations of the Hatch act and assertions of officials profiteering on their offices were legion. Why no charges? Can we take a lesson from Brazil and charge Trump with crimes against humanity for his performance on Covid? Damn it! When do we get retribution?!?? \rant mode off

Should we ever expect to see better performance by the Administration and DOJ?

Here is my WAG:

Prosecuting Trump for his actions while in office doesn’t seem to be high on the priority list for the Biden administration, or the current DOJ leadership, for two reasons:

  • Biden is trying to focus on his policy priorities (COVID recovery, infrastructure, etc.), and a strong, public push for punishing Trump will suck the oxygen out of the room, and could consume much of the administration’s attention.
  • Trump loves playing the martyr card, and few things seem to rile up both him, and his adherents, as much as “we are being treated so unfairly!” A full-court push for “retribution” would play into his hand, politically speaking.

All this stuff takes time. Let’s give them at least another few months before we start worrying they’re not taking lawbreaking seriously.