Delete account?

Not sure if that’s meant as a hypothetical, but realize that the user agreement technically requires an active email account. While people can go years with a defunct email
(old, one they no longer use or have access, etc) not being detected, some folks have been banned (or suspended) when those bad email accounts were identified.

Well, immediately after posting this, I decided to verify my skepticism by testing it out. Turns out I was wrong: a new email address does take effect immediately, and your old email address is no longer useful for resetting your password, and you are actually locked out of posting or profile-editing until your new email is verified. It took about 4 hours for the email to arrive at my new account, and all I was able to do in the meantime was log in, but I couldn’t post or PM admins or anything like that. I actually emailed Tuba because I thought I must have made a typo in the email and I was stuck.

So it appears that if you really do want to “close” your account and remove your personal details, one approach would be to edit your email to a bogus address and change your password to something random and forget it. I suppose one downside to this is that others can’t really tell your account is “closed” and might attempt to PM you, but if you’re leaving the board, you probably don’t care all that much.

But it IS an active an valid email account, just one that I never intend to use for anything other than the SDMB, and one that I probably won’t ever check. I can always recover whatever password I used if I want to change my User CP settings.

Is there a specified interval that I am required to check my email? Once a week, once a month, once a year, never? I have no subscribed threads and I think only one mod warning in all the time I have been here, so tell me why the SDMB needs my everyday email address again??

After years of ignoring or pooh-poohing a fairly regular parade of malware complaints, this board was majorly hacked and apparently every poster on file in the entire system had their email and password compromised. To what extent no one is officially willing to say, when did it happen, what happened, mum is the word on all the inquires I have read so far. Maybe if no one talks about it, it didn’t happen, or something.

The email address I was using was my normal friends, family, and sites I do business with, etc email that I use for everything. I have seen no ill effects so far but the other shoe probably hasn’t dropped. And it pisses me off.

I really DO enjoy this board but I can think of no reason to entrust it with a spam target email address that I actually use. The SDMB doesn’t need it anymore than the local shoe store does so it can ‘email me my receipt’.

Well, in my opinion, they don’t. But in their opinion, and according to their TOS, they do, and I’ve seen mods mention cases where they discovered that they couldn’t get in touch with someone (for whatever reason) via email, so their remedy to the situation was to suspend the account until the person complained, then explain to them that they need a contact email that can actually be used to contact them. It seems a little extreme to me, but it does make a certain kind of sense for important notifications such as “hey we got hacked, you need to change your password.”

Yes, this sort of response makes me a lot less inclined to trust them with a “good” email address as well. It’s frustrating that they haven’t been very forthcoming with information about the breach. “Oops, we got hacked, change your passwords, we will now ignore all questions” doesn’t really inspire confidence.

Thank you. You summed up my thoughts perhaps better than I did.

I haven’t been puzzled at all by the admin’s stance on The Great Hack of 2014, nor have I been perturbed. But I’m not too big on hand holding.

That said, I have multiple email addresses. One of them is for my mfm identity: it is located at, which has robust anti-spam protection (Challenge/Response). Given its low volume I can say definitively that I’ve seen no new spam emails since The Hack. YMMV. The bad guys may have sliced and diced the dataset though and perhaps I’ve fallen into a currently inactive bin. Or maybe they haven’t gotten around to selling the email list. As I noted in another thread, there are all manner of scams that can be conducted with such data.

FWIW, I also have another email addy which is even more spamtastic. Then there’s, some of whose addresses are banned by this board.

Oh, good, I’m not the only one.