Deleting a post or Editing to read "Posted by mistake"

Recently I made a post and then looked at it and decided that it was a bad idea and then it would cause many people to be unhappy and react badly.

At that point, I wanted to just delete it. But what are my options?

What I did do was to edit the post and delete it all and replaced it by saying …
“Sorry. Posted by mistake.”

But, is there any better way? Is there any way I can delete a post if I do it withing the 5 minutes allowed to edit posts?

Someone once intimated that we could delete a new thread we had created. But I would have thought that it should be easier to delete a post than delete a thread because if anyone made any posts to that thread, you would delete not only your OP but all other posts made to the thread?

What is the best thing to do if I regret making a post (almost as soon as I have made it) and want to delete it?

Erase the whole post and put “nm”.



Aha! Thank you very much.

I would suggest just continue your current practice. It’s much more explanatory than “nm”, and most people who do that put an explanation in the edit comment line anyway.

I personally am with Irishman on this. For a newcomer to our boards, “nm” is confusing, just saying that you rethought and deleted is much more clear. There is not a “rule” or “guideline” or standard here, though. I’d go with what’s clearest to most readers.

BTW, is “nm” standard usage throughout the various internet sites? Should I add it to our Glossary of terms on the Straight Dope Message Boards?

“nm” is standard textspeak. I suppose you could add it, although I haven’t run into someone who didn’t know what it means in several years.

To be honest, about 1/4 of the time I look at “nm” and think something like “Huh, how did Mean Mr. Mustard truncate his signature like that?”

Yes, it stands for “no Mustard”.

You may now reset your counter.

Dex, you need an amanuensis. (Don’t we all?) Check your own source…