Deleting a thread?

Is it possible to delete a thread you have started?

Threads get deleted by the Administrators, but it’s a rare occurance. Most often, from what I understand, a thread will be deleted if it’s an utter waste of time ("Hey, everyone, let’s all post the letter “B”!) or if it’s a big-time trolling thread.

Usually, if a thread goes out of control or if you accidently started a new thread when you meant to post to an existing one, they just close the thread and let it sink.

O.k. Thanks. (crap)


Moderators also have the power to delete threads. Right now, I think that I’m the main person going through old threads and deleting them, mostly because I’m up late at night when the board is running fast. I wouldn’t want to try deleting stuff in the middle of the day.

Hey Lynne!! Should you happen to be up late and in need of deleting something that is completely idiotic and of no relevance to this message board whatsoever, then, by all means, feel free to delete this one. :slight_smile:

Don’t sweat it, Silly Rabbit. Looks like just another “flirting” thread to me. It will soon sink out of sight (you can e-mail Vebbie to lock it if you want to make sure it’s really dead.)

What, are you worried he’s gonna come over to your house or something? :smiley:

I don’t think that would be a real bad thing :wink: But I am somewhat embarassed by the fact that I actually did something so incredibly stupid!!! If I could have it erased from the board, then I can live it down… lol

Oh well… live and learn.

[sub]and to think at 35 I should know better!![/sub]

Oooooh, man. Now that makes me wanna go check out that thread! Thanks! :smiley:

Silly Rabbit-

In the future you might want to just let the thread die a silent death.


Because, like dantheman suggested, everyone and their brother has headed over there to see what the big deal is. People around here love looking at a good accident.

Had you not brought it up it would have simply faded away.

Why am I saying all this?

Because I’ve started a few hundred threads that I’ve later wanted to delete or retract. Any number of them far worse than the one you’re worried about. In fact, there’s an obvious double post screaming out to people “Cnote’s an idiot!” on this very forum.

Don’t sweat things like that. It happens all the time and is typically taken with a grain of salt. Memories are real bad around here. Especially with flirty posts like that.

DDG’s been here as long as I can remember and her advice is sound. Give it a day or two and it’ll be gone from peoples mind and tucked away in the past.

Yeah, but when I do click on the link Silly Rabbitprovided, the thread’s not there…

“Invalid thread specified. If you followed a valid link, please notify the webmaster”

But on a more serious note, if you ever really, really want to get rid of a thread you’ve begun and can’t wait for it to just die a normal death, I would recommend e-mailing a mod or administrator and asking nicely. This way, your plea won’t be public and people like me (!) won’t get a chance to click your link! :slight_smile:

Of course, the mod or admin might not delete the thread, but merely lock it, which would still enable people to read the posts contained therein (which probably would not be a problem if you didn’t post about the thread in another thread, like here).

Or you can e-mail me and I’ll post to it.

That usually kills a thread within an hour or two.

Don’t post to it or I will have to hurt you :wink:

I guess I was thinking that only people who are new or screw up come in here looking for help from the admins or mods. It never dawned on me I was advertising my stupid thread. You’re right, Cnote, it IS a bad accident. What’s with the morbid curiosity, anyways? :slight_smile:

I posted one of those “baring of one’s soul” threads, ostensibly because I needed some alternate viewpoints to help me deal with a personal problem. Upon checking back. I noticed my post had had 28 views, but no replies.

This caused my sphincter to pucker a bit, wondering if maybe I “hadn’t oughta said that”, so I wrote an e-mail to the mod who was nice enough to delete said revelation.

Would he have been able to delete this thread if there had already been a reply when he looked at it? Would he have wanted to?



A mod/admin can delete a thread no matter HOW many replies or views it has. Whether s/he wants to or not is another matter. PROBABLY the mod won’t care whether the thread has replies or not. Probably.

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