Deliveries to remote addresses

Do FedEx, UPS and other carriers deliver to extremely remote addresses? If you live somewhere in North Dakota where it’s an hour’s drive from the Fedex facility and an hour back, are they going to spend two hours to deliver just your little box of something from Amazon? Or you live on a mountaintop that means driving a long way up a slow, winding mountain road. It seems every delivery would be a significant loss for the company.

I know that the US Postal Service doesn’t deliver to every address, requiring the resident to pick up mail at the post office. So I’m curious what the limits are for commercial carriers.

An hour’s drive is really remote? You must not be from 'round here…

Yes, UPS and FedEx do deliver to remote areas. Wyoming is mostly devoid of people (and FedEx/UPS facilities) but packages still arrive. It sometimes takes an extra day from the “expected” delivery date, but they get them out.

We don’t get mail delivery, but UPS and Fed-X will come. Now we are only 30 minutes from the post office, but I don’t like to try to make delivery companies try to find our house. Map Quest/Google etc. has it wrong, so that does not help.

On top of that, for 6 months out of the year, you must have 4 wheel drive to get to our house. So, it’s just not worth it. What we did instead was get a personal mail box (PMB) at the local UPS store in town. They will take regular mail, UPS, Fed-X anything. And they email me when I get a package. Works great.

There may be a few places that FedEx and UPS won’t deliver to, but if there are humans living somewhere, and there is an open road that leads there, regular deliveries can usually be made. Now if you live in some remote part of Alaska your packages may have to be flown in at greater cost, but that doesn’t mean they can’t get them to you.

The bad news (from the delivery company’s point of view) is that those out-in-the-middle-of-nowhere deliveries cost them more money. The good news is that they don’t have to make very many such deliveries because there’s fewer people in the middle of nowhere. Otherwise it would be somewhere.

99% of the deliveries will be made to where 99% of the people live. They can afford to lose money on the other 1%.

Thanks for the answers. I guess losing money on the occasional delivery to a distant customer is worth being able to say that you deliver anywhere. A commercial showing one of those deliveries would serve them well.

You can go to the UPS or Fedex websites to get an estimate on shipping charges, and the software will let you know if the address is not one they service.

Often times they will turn it over to the USPS for ‘last mile’ delivery. UPS calls this ‘SurePost’ and FedEx calls it ‘SmartPost’. Amazon loves to do this shit to me even though I only live two blocks from the post office and both UPS and FedEx have delivered directly to my house.

I call it horse shit. It’s screwed me over more than once. I used to get things delivered to work. BUT sometimes instead of delivering it the work street address, they send it to works POB. This really makes it a pain for the person that picks up the mail.

That’s why I gave up and just got a box in the UPS store.